Free and paid advertising on social media for hair vendors

Free and paid advertising on social media for hair vendors

In the contemporary realm of commerce, where the digital landscape intertwines seamlessly with consumer behavior, the advertising landscape for hair vendors has evolved into a multifaceted arena dominated by social media platforms. The rivalry between free and paid advertising on these platforms has become a focal point for businesses, particularly for those specializing in hair products. From the glistening allure of a new hair treatment to the transformative power of extensions, the market for hair vendors has witnessed a dynamic shift in strategy, driven by the dynamic interplay of free and paid social media advertising.

The evolution of social media platforms—from the pioneering days of MySpace to the present dominance of Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and beyond—has revolutionized the way hair vendors promote their products. In this digital age, where an image or a short video clip can captivate millions, the significance of leveraging social media for advertising cannot be overstated. The allure of free advertising, utilizing organic content through regular posts, stories, and engagement, has drawn in numerous vendors seeking to build a loyal following and bolster their brand presence without directly investing financial resources.

For hair vendors, the realm of free advertising on social media is akin to a compelling narrative—a journey through crafting engaging content, curating visually stunning images, and fostering a community through consistent interaction. It’s about using the platform’s algorithms and user engagement to propel brand visibility and credibility. The art lies in weaving a digital story that resonates with the audience, creating a genuine connection that goes beyond the mere transactional nature of business.

However, the allure of free advertising comes with its limitations. In the crowded digital sphere, standing out amidst the relentless stream of content requires time, creativity, and often necessitates a stroke of luck to go viral. As a result, many hair vendors find themselves at the crossroads where the need for accelerated growth and immediate visibility clashes with the organic pace of free promotion.

Herein lies the dichotomy—paid advertising on social media. The pay-to-play model offers hair business an expedited path to visibility by utilizing targeted advertisements, sponsored content, and strategic campaigns. These methods enable precise audience segmentation, leveraging the platforms’ robust analytical tools to reach potential customers based on demographics, interests, and behaviors.

Paid advertising presents a means to bypass the unpredictable nature of organic growth, offering hair vendors a shortcut to elevate their brand in a crowded marketplace. With paid advertising, the ability to control the narrative through sponsored posts, influencer collaborations, and meticulously crafted ad campaigns becomes an appealing proposition, promising quicker returns on investment and amplified visibility.

Yet, the strategic conundrum between free and paid advertising for hair vendors persists. It’s a delicate balance—harmonizing the authenticity and genuine engagement of free advertising with the precision and immediacy of paid promotion.

In this contemporary saga of digital commerce, the narrative of free versus paid advertising on social media for hair vendors unfolds as a compelling tale of creativity, strategy, and a quest for consumer attention in a landscape where the lines between commerce and community engagement blur seamlessly. It’s a story where the chapter of choice—whether free or paid—is pivotal in determining the fate of these vendors in the ever-evolving world of digital marketing.

Paid advertising 

Harnessing the power of Instagram and Facebook Ads stands as an unparalleled approach to promoting your online or brick-and-mortar hair extensions business. These advertising avenues are not only the most accessible but also the most cost-effective methods for small hair businesses to leverage. With a modest daily budget ranging from $5 to $10 USD and a remarkably low cost per result of 50 cents to $1 USD, these platforms open the gateway to showcasing your brand before millions of actively engaged users, all potentially primed to become loyal customers, ultimately driving revenue for your enterprise.

In this segment, we will delve deeply into crafting a successful Instagram Ads campaign tailored specifically for your hair business.

Use Ad Manager

When it comes to launching an Instagram Ad for your hair business, the temptation often lies in the simplicity of just clicking the “create ad” button alongside your post and allowing the algorithm to take the reins.



Then, what actually is an algorithm? An algorithm is a step-by-step procedure or a set of rules designed to solve a specific problem or perform a particular task. In computer science and mathematics, algorithms are fundamental to various fields and are essentially a series of well-defined instructions used to solve problems or accomplish specific objectives. They are at the core of computer programming and software development, guiding how information is processed and manipulated. 

For instance, search engines use algorithms to rank and display search results, social media platforms use algorithms to personalize content feeds, and financial institutions employ algorithms for risk assessment and trading.

It’s undoubtedly the quickest and easiest way to initiate an Instagram Ads campaign for your burgeoning hair brand. However, the ease of this method doesn’t always guarantee the most effective outcome. In fact, it might even risk depleting your campaign budget if the post lacks the strategic design and planning necessary to captivate your audience.

Define your audience in Ad Manager

Leveraging the capabilities of the Facebook Ad Manager empowers advertisers to finely tune and delineate their target audience based on a spectrum of defining parameters such as age, location, gender, and specific demographics. For hair companies, this functionality is particularly crucial in tailoring the audience to match the preferences and purchasing habits of their clientele.

Understanding the nuanced demographics of your potential customers is paramount. It’s an established fact within the hair industry that the primary consumer base for hair products predominantly comprises women. However, beyond gender, considering age becomes a critical factor in defining the purchasing power and preferences within this audience.

  • Younger customers, for instance, may demonstrate an interest in hair products but might be more constrained by budgetary limitations. 
  • On the other hand, older customers, generally more financially established, might be more inclined and able to invest in higher-end, pricier, or custom hair units. 

Therefore, customizing the age range in your targeting becomes pivotal, as it aligns with and reflects the brand’s image and the purchasing behaviors of your desired clientele. Establishing an age range that resonates with your brand’s identity and the product offerings you aim to promote becomes a strategic move. For instance, if your brand exudes a vibe that caters to the younger, trendier market, setting a target audience of, let’s say, 18 to 30 years old might be more fitting. Conversely, if your brand focuses on luxury or specialized custom units, adjusting the age range to encompass older demographics could be more appropriate.

The nuanced understanding and implementation of these demographics within the Facebook Ad Manager are instrumental in ensuring that your advertising efforts resonate effectively with your intended customer base. Tailoring the age range within your targeting parameters according to your brand’s image and the purchasing power and inclinations of your audience serve as a pivotal step in refining and optimizing the impact of your ad campaigns within the competitive landscape of social media advertising.

Harnessing the advanced targeting options within advertising platforms like Facebook provides a plethora of filters, enabling advertisers to meticulously craft and hone in on their ideal audience. The ability to set highly specific filters offers a valuable tool for reaching those most likely to engage with your content. However, while aiming for precision in targeting is commendable, it’s equally crucial to strike a balance to avoid making your audience size too restrictive.

Creating an exceedingly narrow target audience can pose potential challenges. While specificity can be beneficial in reaching individuals with a high propensity to engage, an audience that is overly narrow might result in a limited reach. For instance, running a campaign that reaches only 20,000 individuals within an extremely defined audience might inadvertently trigger an automatic pause on your ad due to the limited reach.

The conundrum, therefore, lies in finding the sweet spot—creating a targeted audience that is specific enough to appeal to the right individuals while ensuring it remains sizable enough to allow for effective ad circulation and engagement. Striking this balance becomes pivotal in maximizing the impact of your ad campaigns without hindering their reach or efficacy.

Determining the ideal size of your audience can’t be universally prescribed as it significantly hinges on various factors, including your budget, the nature of your business, and the specific goals of your advertising campaign. However, a pragmatic starting point involves launching a campaign with a well-defined audience and using the analytics provided within the Ad Manager to iteratively refine and optimize your targeting parameters.

This approach involves leveraging the valuable insights and data derived from the Ad Manager analytics. By monitoring the performance metrics and engagement patterns of your initial ad campaign, you gain valuable information to fine-tune and adjust your target audience. Analyzing the demographics, engagement rates, and conversion data helps in continuously refining and optimizing your audience targeting to enhance the effectiveness of your subsequent ad campaigns.

It’s a dynamic and iterative process, allowing for continuous optimization of your ad targeting based on real-time data and performance insights, steering your advertising efforts towards a more refined and efficient strategy. Utilizing this iterative approach empowers advertisers to adapt and recalibrate their target audience, ultimately maximizing the impact and return on their advertising investments.

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How to use Ad Manager more efficiently?

For a more comprehensive and efficient approach that can significantly elevate your advertising endeavors, it’s highly recommended to establish a connection between your hair business’s Instagram account and a designated business Facebook account. This linkage empowers you to utilize the advanced functionalities within the Facebook Ad Manager. This tool offers a wealth of analytics and insights that play a pivotal role in fine-tuning your campaign strategy, providing you with a detailed breakdown of crucial statistics and performance metrics.

Integrating your Instagram with Facebook account
Integrating your Instagram with Facebook account

By integrating your Instagram account with a business-oriented Facebook profile, you gain access to a suite of powerful tools for managing and optimizing your advertising efforts. This synergy enables a deeper understanding of your audience, facilitating the crafting of more targeted and engaging campaigns. Should you not have a business Facebook account already in place, fret not! You can seamlessly create one directly from your Instagram account settings, establishing a seamless connection that fosters a synchronized approach in managing your advertising campaigns across both platforms.

This unified strategy not only streamlines your advertising operations but also ensures a more holistic and data-driven approach to maximize the impact of your Instagram Ads for your hair business. It’s a pivot towards a more strategic and comprehensive framework that goes beyond mere convenience, empowering you to make informed decisions and shape campaigns that resonate deeply with your audience, ultimately propelling your hair business to greater success.

Have a realistic goal 

Once the foundational aspects of your account are in place, the next pivotal step is to delineate the goals you aim to achieve through your Instagram Ads. Undoubtedly, in the realm of business, the ultimate aim is to drive sales and revenue. However, especially as a new entrant in the hair brand domain with limited established credibility, it’s prudent to consider initiating an Instagram campaign primarily focused on bolstering brand awareness and credibility rather than emphasizing direct sales.

Imagine the scenario when you walk into a store, and the salesperson’s sole focus is on pushing for a sale without taking the time to engage, inform, or explain the product to you. That pushy sales approach can often be off-putting. This analogy parallels the reasoning behind the suggestion to prioritize brand awareness over immediate sales-related campaigns on Instagram. Building a brand’s presence, telling its story, and engaging with the audience establishes a foundation for a more genuine and lasting relationship with potential customers.

The truth of the matter is, when setting up an Instagram ad campaign, the platform prompts you to select your campaign goal before its launch. Instagram mandates this step, compelling advertisers to clarify the primary aim of their ad initiatives. Within the Facebook Ad Manager, you’re presented with a diverse array of campaign goals to choose from when configuring your ads, each tailored to achieve specific objectives.

The options for campaign goals range from:

  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Driving traffic to your website
  • Generating leads (to fostering engagement or conversions)

By strategically aligning your campaign objectives with the stage of your business—whether it’s about laying the groundwork for brand recognition, attracting traffic to your online store, or encouraging potential customers to take a specific action—you can tailor your Instagram Ads to meet these specific goals.

The decision of which goal to pursue becomes a fundamental element in the success of your Instagram advertising campaign. By selecting the most appropriate goal aligned with your current business needs, you’re setting the stage for a more focused and effective marketing endeavor, ensuring that each ad you create serves a purpose in steering your brand closer to its desired outcomes.

Use great visuals for your advertising

Use both videos and images for advertising
Use both videos and images for advertising

Central to the success of your advertisement lies in the power of visuals, be it through a captivating video or a striking image. These visual elements play a pivotal role in narrating the story of your hair business, serving as the primary avenue through which your audience connects with and comprehends your brand’s essence.

The beauty of an Instagram Ad campaign is its simplicity. Contrary to the need for an exorbitant budget for shooting a high-end commercial, what truly matters is the quality and impact of your visuals. The emphasis here is not on a massive budget but on the ability to create compelling and high-quality visual content. This content serves as the gateway to sharing the story of your hair business.

Whether it’s showcasing a model with your hair product, presenting a video featuring satisfied customers discussing how well your hair products hold curls, or any other creative approach, this is where ingenuity shines. This platform allows for unbridled creativity. You have the opportunity to delve into diverse methods of expression, enabling you to experiment with different visual storytelling techniques that best represent your brand and its unique narrative.

Additionally, simplicity can be the essence of elegance. A well-crafted, high-resolution image of your product, encapsulating your distinctive branding and the allure of your hair extensions, can be equally effective. Sometimes, an aesthetically pleasing, professionally shot image that reflects the quality and appeal of your product can communicate volumes about your brand and entice potential customers. Let’s see the scientific proof for the importance of such captivating video or a striking image in advertising:

  • Data and statistics underscore a critical window of opportunity for advertisers: within the initial three seconds of an ad, viewers make the pivotal decision of whether to engage by clicking on the link. During this incredibly brief period, the visual content showcased in your ad stands as the linchpin for capturing the viewer’s attention.
  • It’s evident that a customer is more inclined to be enticed by and consequently click on an ad featuring a visually appealing model picture, increasing the likelihood of a subsequent purchase. This emphasizes the paramount significance of your ad’s visual elements, indicating that these first few seconds are the make-or-break moments in the quest to engage your audience effectively.
  • Conversely, an inadequately designed ad or one hastily constructed within a mere 10-second time frame poses risks beyond simply draining your ad budget. Such ads can potentially undermine your brand’s credibility. Viewers possess a keen eye for discerning the effort and thought invested in an advertisement. When an ad lacks the necessary quality or investment in its content, it not only fails to attract engagement but also jeopardizes the credibility of your brand.
  • The effort and attention dedicated to crafting an ad are palpably reflected in the final product. An ad that seems rushed or lacks the visual appeal to captivate an audience within those crucial initial seconds may lead potential customers to question the authenticity and quality of the brand it represents. These first impressions are formative, shaping the audience’s perception of your business and influencing their decisions on whether to engage further or simply scroll past.

Therefore, the weight of those initial seconds cannot be understated. An ad’s success hinges on the visual impact it delivers in that brief span, acting as the gateway to enticing viewers to explore further. The message is clear: investing time and thought into creating visually compelling ads is not merely a matter of attracting attention; it’s a fundamental component in establishing and maintaining your brand’s credibility and appeal in the competitive landscape of online advertising.

Write a simple and clear phrased caption

The often-overlooked component of an Instagram Ad, the caption, wields substantial influence in communicating the essence of your ad to your audience. For entrepreneurs new to Instagram Ads, the caption is a vital space where individuals can grasp the intent and purpose behind your advertisement.

An effective ad caption is concise, direct, and aligns with the specific goals of your campaign. Whether it’s aiming to amplify a holiday sale or fostering brand awareness, the caption serves as a narrative anchor, succinctly encapsulating the essence of your message.

Crucially, your caption should seamlessly intertwine with the overall campaign goal. It acts as a compass, guiding the audience towards the desired action. Including a compelling call to action within your caption is essential. This prompts interested customers to take the next step, whether it’s utilizing a discount code, signing up for a newsletter, or engaging with a form to provide their information. This interaction serves as a gateway to establishing a more direct relationship with potential customers.

Capturing customer information is pivotal, ensuring that a potential lead doesn’t merely browse through your content and depart without leaving a trace. Utilizing a discount code or a sign-up form not only fosters engagement but also facilitates data collection, crucial for building a customer database for future outreach.

To further amplify the reach of your ad, integrating strategic hashtags into your caption is an effective tactic. However, keeping the hashtags succinct is key, ensuring the ad remains visually optimized for Instagram Stories as well. The goal is to balance visibility with aesthetic appeal, aligning with the platform’s formatting while broadening the ad’s reach through targeted hashtags.

Set a campaign budget

One of the remarkable facets of utilizing Instagram Ads and Ad Manager for launching your hair business campaign lies in the unparalleled control it offers over your advertising expenditures. This level of control spans across both the total spend over the lifetime of your campaign and the daily budget allocation, providing a versatile approach to cater to varied campaign needs.

When configuring your ad campaign, you have the flexibility to choose between setting a lifetime campaign budget or a daily budget, depending on the nature and goals of your campaign. For instance, for a time-sensitive initiative like a holiday sale with a specified duration, opting for a lifetime budget is advantageous. Instagram optimizes the utilization of your allocated budget to achieve the best possible results within that set duration.

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Conversely, if the aim is to run a brand awareness campaign that doesn’t have a strict end date, utilizing a daily budget proves to be more effective. This approach allows Instagram to pace the spending to ensure that the daily budget limit is not exceeded, consequently sustaining the campaign for the desired duration.

The beauty of the daily budget allocation is its accessibility and affordability, especially for small hair businesses. Allocating as little as $5 a day can potentially enable you to reach hundreds or even thousands of potential customers. This approach democratizes advertising access, providing a cost-effective means for smaller businesses to engage with a broad audience without exorbitant spending.

However, it’s essential to note that merely setting the budget at $5 doesn’t guarantee that Instagram will exhaust that amount. The success and expenditure of your ad campaign are contingent on various factors, including the ad’s design and content quality. If an ad contains excessive text or is poorly designed, it might not entice users to engage. Consequently, Instagram might pause the ad without prior notice, emphasizing the importance of creating compelling, well-crafted ads to ensure effective expenditure of the allocated budget and sustained campaign activity.

Set up website pixel to track your advertising’s performance

Utilizing a Facebook pixel to monitor and evaluate the efficacy of your ads stands as a crucial recommendation in refining your marketing strategy. By integrating a Facebook pixel, you gain a comprehensive understanding of your audience’s behavior, offering valuable insights into which pages are frequented most and which content garners the highest traction. This analytical approach not only provides a panoramic view of your audience’s preferences but also empowers you to fine-tune your advertising strategies for optimal engagement.

The integration of a Facebook pixel is not merely an exercise in data collection; it plays a pivotal role in the way the Instagram Algorithm operates. The data gleaned from your pixel’s performance metrics serve as a guiding force for the Instagram Algorithm, shaping how it pitches your ads to a more receptive audience. By leveraging the information collected via the pixel, the Algorithm identifies individuals who are more likely to engage with your content, visit your website, or exhibit interest in your products.

This symbiotic relationship between the Facebook pixel data and the Instagram Algorithm is transformative in its implications for your ad campaigns. It enables a smarter and more strategic dissemination of your content to those most likely to interact positively with it. Essentially, the Algorithm employs the insights from your pixel to refine its targeting, ensuring that your ad reaches individuals who demonstrate a higher propensity to engage with your brand, thereby enhancing the overall effectiveness of your advertising efforts.

Test your hair business advertising

Vigilant monitoring of your advertisement is pivotal once it’s launched. 

  • During the initial phase, which typically spans the first three days, Instagram utilizes your allocated budget to distribute your ad randomly amongst your followers. It’s crucial to note that within this initial phase, the cost per impression or click may surge considerably, often reaching higher rates. The expenditure in these initial days may appear inflated, potentially soaring to figures that are notably higher than anticipated. However, fret not as this heightened cost per impression or click is expected in the nascent stages of your ad campaign.
  • As the ad continues to run and garner more data, the cost per impression or click gradually stabilizes, eventually descending to a more comfortable range. This settling typically occurs at an average cost of around $0.3 to $1.5 USD, providing a more cost-effective and sustainable range for your ad’s performance.
  • Once your ad has been running for a while and has accrued a substantive amount of data and engagement, it opens the door for a strategic maneuver—a split test. This process involves running variations of your ad to ascertain if a different image, audience, or caption outperforms your current ad.

Conducting a split test allows for a deeper understanding of what resonates best with your audience. By exploring different variables such as alternate images, diverse audience segments, or varied captions, you gain valuable insights into the components that yield more favorable engagement. This data-driven approach empowers you to optimize your ad campaign, honing in on the elements that perform most effectively in capturing your audience’s attention and encouraging interaction.

Free advertising 

Within this discussion, we’ll uncover a range of strategic techniques designed to foster organic growth for your hair extensions and weave business on social media suh as Facebook and Instagram, without delving into the realm of paid advertising. The algorithm consistently favors content that is not only visually compelling but also maintains a standard of consistent quality. A vital determinant of organic growth on this platform hinges on the caliber of your content. The better the quality, the more swiftly your following is likely to burgeon.

Navigating the ever-evolving algorithm on social media platforms often presents challenges in achieving organic growth without resorting to advertisements. However, the strategies detailed below are curated to help you engage with your existing followers and curate a feed that not only captivates but also ensures a lower bounce rate—a crucial metric in retaining and engaging your audience.

By ensuring compelling content, active engagement, and a consistent posting schedule, you’re better equipped to navigate the platform’s algorithmic nuances, fostering a robust and engaged following for your hair business.

Find your hair brand’s niche market and target audience.

Is your hair business established as a local salon catering to a specific region? Does your brand exude a distinct and captivating branding color scheme? Perhaps your expertise centers solely around crafting impeccable ponytails? If your hair brand boasts a niche, a unique element that distinguishes it from other similar brands, embracing and emphasizing this distinctive facet is pivotal to setting yourself apart. Finding and nurturing this niche element becomes the cornerstone of your brand’s identity, lending it an aura of exclusivity and appeal.

Identifying and adhering to a niche can manifest in various forms, each contributing to your brand’s visual signature. This could encompass the nature of your posts or revolve around a specific color scheme that your feed consistently utilizes. Whether you’re a local stylist focusing on serving your immediate community or a hair weave business catering to a broader audience, implementing this tactic can be transformative in creating a visual niche for your brand’s identity. For instance,

  • A local hair business might opt to spotlight content featuring exclusively satisfied local clients, thereby amplifying the salon’s unique ambiance and local charm
  • On the other hand, a human hair weave brand might showcase videos meticulously detailing each distinct wig or hair texture, offering an immersive experience for potential customers.

For those embarking on their journey or grappling with a scarcity of content, commencing with the simple act of posting images in a specific color scheme—such as blonde weft hair extensions—can lay the initial foundation for your brand’s visual niche.

Blonde weft hair extensions image of Nicehairvietnam
Blonde weft hair extensions image of Nicehairvietnam for advertising

The essence lies not just in finding a niche but in faithfully adhering to it, weaving it through every facet of your brand’s visual representation. By consistently embodying this visual identity across your content, whether through the nature of your posts or the unique color schemes, you establish a recognizable and distinguished image for your brand, fostering a strong and enduring connection with your audience. This unique signature becomes an anchor, distinguishing your brand amidst the vast landscape of the hair industry.

Research hashtags related to hair extensions and hairstylist

Hashtag helps boost the reach of your advertising
Hashtag helps boost the reach of your advertising

Leveraging hashtags on Instagram serves as a potent tool to expand your reach and facilitate the discovery of your content by new users. The strategic use of hashtags not only enhances visibility but also presents the opportunity to feature on the coveted “Explore” page, exposing your page to a broader audience. Maximizing the potential impact of hashtags entails incorporating relevant tags in each of your posts, affording every piece of content the chance to be unearthed by a wider audience.

Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post, providing an extensive canvas to amplify your post’s discoverability. While common advice from many marketers suggests using a conservative range of 11-15 hashtags, the question arises: Why not utilize the maximum if it yields favorable results for you? 

  • Experimenting with the number of hashtags might take time, but once you discern the optimal balance, it becomes beneficial to save your preferred hashtags for swift application, employing a copy-paste approach for new posts. 
  • However, a word of caution is warranted—repeating the same set of hashtags continuously might trigger Instagram’s algorithm to flag your account for potential “spamming”. Hence, it’s prudent to vary your hashtag selection with each new post to evade such restrictions and maintain an organic reach.

Moreover, the efficacy of hashtags isn’t limited to standard posts; they hold equal weight in Instagram Stories. Incorporating up to 10 hashtags in an Instagram story amplifies the potential for discovery, offering an additional avenue to engage with a broader audience.

Crafting a diverse and well-calibrated assortment of hashtags tailored to each post or story can significantly elevate your content’s visibility and traction. It’s about striking the right balance between the volume of hashtags and their relevance to your content, ensuring they resonate with your audience and align with your brand. The art lies not only in identifying the most effective hashtags but also in diversifying them strategically to prevent potential restrictions impose.

Numerous other hashtags exist for you to explore, and one way to uncover them is by engaging in a bit of strategic observation of your competitors. Observing what tags your competitors are utilizing can provide insight into niche-specific hashtags that could be more effective for your content. Opting for these niche-specific hashtags is recommended over broad tags like #hair or #beauty, which tend to rapidly accumulate an influx of posts. Using broader tags might result in your post swiftly disappearing from the hashtag feed due to the constant surge of new posts every minute.

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If your profession centers around being a local hairstylist, wig stylist, or operating a hair salon, it’s crucial to leverage geolocation features and incorporate location-specific hashtags to enhance the visibility of your posts for local users searching for related services in their vicinity.

Employing specific and targeted hashtags tailored to your niche amplifies the likelihood of your content being discovered by a more focused and interested audience. Utilizing these strategies not only improves the chances of your content being seen but also enhances the possibility of engagement and interaction with users who are specifically seeking the services or products you offer. By tapping into niche-specific and localized hashtags, you can heighten the discoverability of your content among the intended local audience, fostering a more engaged and responsive clientele.

Stick to quality content and video content for advertising

Instagram prioritizes showcasing content that resonates with the interests of its audience. To make a meaningful impact, it’s imperative to invest effort in capturing high-quality visuals of your hair products and clients, both in imagery and video content. While striking images are pivotal, it’s recommended to integrate more videos into your content strategy. Research indicates that viewers tend to engage more extensively with video content compared to static images. This heightened engagement not only augments visibility but also has the potential to drive higher sales figures.

Given that the hair business operates within the beauty industry, sharing videos that offer an immersive experience of your products and services becomes instrumental. Offering viewers a compelling glimpse of what your brand entails through videos could be a pivotal catalyst in fostering a more loyal customer base. It’s the opportunity to showcase the uniqueness and quality of your products, instilling in viewers the desire to become satisfied customers in the future.

The videos need not be excessively elaborate; simplicity often resonates profoundly. They serve as a window into your brand’s identity, encapsulating the essence of what you offer. These videos can be informative, engaging, or even behind-the-scenes snippets that afford a more intimate connection with your audience.

To bolster your presence on Instagram, leveraging new features is crucial. Embracing the evolving functionalities and tools provided by the platform not only keeps your content fresh but also aligns with Instagram’s algorithm, potentially boosting your visibility.

  •  Further, exploring IGTV—a dedicated space for longer-form video content—allows for deeper, more comprehensive storytelling.
  •  IGTV serves as an excellent avenue to expound on your brand’s narrative and engage viewers in a more immersive and extended format.

For inspiration and to understand the application of these strategies, examining examples of successful videos on Instagram can be enlightening. Observing how other brands effectively utilize videos, highlighting unique features, testimonials, or tutorials, can guide the creation of content that resonates most effectively with your audience.

Capture attention from your target audience

Comment and like target audience’s pages

Select a hashtag that aligns with your content, such as #lacefrontal, and navigate to its main page on Instagram. This page displays numerous hair-related photos under that particular hashtag. Scan through the posts and seek out a person or brand that resonates with your ideal target audience. Upon finding an account that embodies your desired audience, delve into the comment section and explore the profiles of individuals engaging with that content. Engaging with these users involves leaving thoughtful comments or liking their photos.

Engaging in this manner is not considered spammy if you refrain from bombarding users with annoying advertisement links. Instead, it’s about cultivating genuine interaction. By engaging meaningfully with these users, you’re likely to pique their curiosity, prompting them to explore your page. If they find your content appealing, it could culminate in a new follower. Even if they don’t immediately follow your account, you stand to gain a few likes on your own photos.

This approach functions as a gradual method for expanding your follower base, free of charge. Although it may not yield rapid results, the method is a cost-effective way to organically grow your audience. By authentically engaging with users who share an interest in content similar to yours, you lay the foundation for fostering connections and potentially expanding your follower count. It’s a strategy centered on genuine interaction and community engagement, facilitating a steady growth in your follower base over time.

Follow your target audience by searching relevant hashtags

Distinguishing itself from the follow-unfollow method, which we entirely discourage, this alternative approach involves pinpointing your niche audience within the vast landscape of Instagram. To connect with potential customers within your hair industry niche, commence by exploring relevant hashtags associated with the hair industry. Identify a post under these hashtags that resonates with your brand and engage with the individuals who have commented on that post. By following these engagers, you aim to attract active users who genuinely engage, as opposed to ghost followers. Some of these users might explore your profile and decide to reciprocate with a follow, while others may not notice your follow.

After a reasonable timeframe, say a week, consider unfollowing those who haven’t followed you back. This method aims to provide an initial boost to your Instagram following, steering clear of being trapped with a minimal number of followers that might not reflect the credibility of your brand. However, it’s crucial to apply this tactic for a limited duration, ceasing once you’ve amassed a few hundred followers. As you continue, there’s a risk of your follower-to-following ratio becoming disproportionately low, potentially reflecting negatively on your brand. The objective isn’t to perpetuate a follow-for-follow dynamic, but rather to jumpstart your Instagram following in the initial stages of your business.

Organically growing a following for a new hair business on Instagram can indeed be challenging. The platform frequently updates its algorithm, making it harder for business accounts to garner visibility. An effective strategy to swiftly generate traction is through the judicious use of both organic methods and Instagram Ads. Although there’s a cost involved in running these ads, their efficacy has been proven by numerous brands, irrespective of their size. We strongly advocate leveraging a blend of both organic growth strategies and paid promotions, such as Facebook/Instagram Ads, to nurture your hair business.

Interacting with your customers

Ask your clients to repost their photos and tag you

Authentic user-generated content stands as a potent method to instill trust in your brand among new viewers. Engaging with your customers in a polite and appreciative manner, kindly asking for their reviews and photos, can significantly contribute to fostering a strong connection and building trust. Studies show that about 90% of satisfied customers are often thrilled to be showcased on your Instagram platform. It’s pivotal not to pressure clients into providing content; instead, approach them courteously, expressing your desire to feature their experiences on your account.

Respectfully inviting customers to share their feedback and images, presenting it as an opportunity for them to be highlighted on your brand’s platform, can evoke a positive response. This approach not only acknowledges their importance but also shows appreciation for their patronage. 

Moreover, regular tagging of other users in your posts plays a role in elevating your account’s recognition on Instagram. Tagging users in posts where they are featured can enhance visibility and foster greater engagement. This reciprocal interaction not only acknowledges the contributors but also potentially extends your reach by tapping into their network of followers.

Employing branded hashtags is another valuable strategy to encourage more user-generated content. These hashtags not only serve as a unique identifier for your brand but also incentivize and enable more individuals to contribute content related to your products or services. Encouraging customers to use these branded hashtags in their posts about your brand can help create a community and further extend your brand’s reach.

Engage with your viewers and be genuine as a business 

Replying your customers' comments also helps advertising and builds relationship with loyal customers.
Replying your customers’ comments also helps advertising and builds relationship with loyal customers.

Engaging with your customers on Instagram extends far beyond the act of selling; it’s about fostering genuine connections. Take the time to respond to your customers’ comments and actively engage with their posts. Authentic interaction is key—be genuine, personable, and approachable in your interactions. Establishing this rapport is vital, particularly in the early stages, as it can take a considerable amount of time for a customer to develop trust in a brand, especially when your following is modest and your post count is limited.

Building trust and credibility in the eyes of potential customers is a gradual process. This is particularly true for businesses just starting out, with a small following and a handful of posts. However, every successful business once navigated this initial phase. It’s vital to remain steadfast and unwavering in your efforts, persistently working toward your goals. Consistency is the linchpin here—remain dedicated and smart in your approach. Consistency in posting quality content, engaging with your audience, and delivering on promises or commitments is essential to gradually cultivate a strong and loyal following.

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and the same holds for the growth of your hair business on Instagram. Persistence, patience, and a commitment to providing value through your content will yield results over time. As you persistently engage, share compelling content, and build meaningful connections with your audience, your hair business’s Instagram presence will gradually grow, reaching a point where it is satisfying and impactful. It’s about embracing the journey, staying committed, and acknowledging that success often emerges from consistent and authentic efforts.


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