Halo human hair extensions: how to buy and use?

Halo human hair extensions: how to buy and use?

Step into a world where your hair becomes a canvas for self-expression, where every hairstyle you create tells a unique story and radiates your inner beauty. Let your imagination run wild as you explore the stunning American hairstyles that can be achieved with halo human hair extensions, and watch as your confidence soars and your style becomes a true reflection of your individuality. The possibilities are as boundless as your imagination, so embrace the journey and unlock the true potential of your hair with halo human hair extensions.

Now it’s time to delve deeper into the world of halo human hair extensions. In the following sections, we will guide you how to buy and use this type of hair extensions in detailed.

Overview of halo human hair extensions


Halo human hair extensions
Halo human hair extensions

Halo human hair extensions, also known as halo hair or flip-in extensions, are a type of hair extension that offers a convenient and non-permanent way to add length, volume, and thickness to natural hair. Therefore halo human hair extensions is made of real human hair strands. Unlike traditional extensions that require weaving, bonding, or clipping, halo human hair extensions are designed with a unique wire or nylon thread that sits discreetly and comfortably on top of the head, creating a “halo” effect.

The key features 

  • Wire or nylon thread: thin, adjustable wire or nylon thread that sits securely and comfortably on the crown of the head. This wire or thread is usually transparent or color-matched to blend seamlessly with natural hair.
  • Easy application: The wire or thread is placed on top of the head, just below the hairline, and is gently secured by adjusting the fit. This eliminates the need for clips, glue, or tape, making halo human hair extensions quick and hassle-free to wear.
  • Instant transformation: You can instantly transform your hair by adding length, volume, and thickness with halo hair extensions which is made from real human hair. They offer a natural-looking result, seamlessly blending with your own hair to create a fuller and more glamorous appearance.
  • Damage free: Unlike traditional extensions that require adhesive or heat application, halo human hair extensions are gentle on the hair, reducing the risk of breakage, thinning, or scalp irritation.
  • Versatility:  You can curl, straighten, or style the extensions just like your natural hair, allowing you to achieve different looks and hairstyles. This versatility makes this hair extensions suitable for various occasions, from everyday wear to special events.
  • Comfortable fit: The wire or thread is lightweight and flexible, ensuring that the extensions stay securely in place without causing discomfort or tension on the scalp.
  • Temporary wear: Unlike permanent extensions, halo human hair extensions are meant to be worn temporarily. They can be easily removed and repositioned whenever desired, allowing you to switch up your hairstyle or remove the extensions for sleeping, exercising, or other activities.

Halo human hair extensions offer a practical and versatile solution for individuals looking to enhance their natural hair. Whether you want to add length, volume, or a pop of color, halo human hair extensions provide a convenient and damage-free option for achieving your desired hair transformation.

Market of halo human hair extensions

Compare human hair sourced from Vietnam, China and Indian
Compare human hair sourced from Vietnam, China and Indian

Price of halo human hair extensions

When it comes to the price of halo human hair extensions, it’s important to consider that pricing can vary depending on the region and country, as well as the quality of the hair being offered. To give you an overview of the price range in three countries – Vietnam, China, and India – here is some information to help you make an informed choice.

Vietnamese market

Starting with Vietnam, the price of halo human hair extensions is generally considered the highest among the three countries. Vietnam is renowned for its exceptional customer service and is well-known for providing high-quality hair extensions. The natural products used by Vietnamese people contribute to their reputation for having strong and lustrous hair. As a result, hair products like virgin or remy hair extensions from Vietnam are of excellent quality. Despite not being mass-manufactured like wholesale halo human hair extensions providers from China, Vietnamese hair continues to be highly sought after due to its good quality and reasonable pricing.

Chinese market

Moving on to China, the price of this type of human hair extensions ranks second in comparison. Chinese suppliers have the advantage of accessing cheap labor and leveraging advanced technologies, which allows them to offer more affordable options. Chinese hair is often blended with hair from various donors, including Indian hair. The competitive pricing from Chinese vendors makes them a popular choice for many people seeking halo human hair extensions.

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Indian market

Finally, the price of the same kind of hair extensions in India is generally the most affordable among the three countries. However, it’s important to note that Indian hair extensions are a blend of hair from different sources. This can result in variations in quality, with the overall lifespan of the hair being relatively shorter compared to Vietnamese or Chinese hair.

Ultimately, the choice of where to purchase depends on your specific preferences, budget, and desired quality. It’s important to thoroughly research and consider factors such as customer reviews, product reputation, and supplier reliability before making a decision. By understanding the pricing variations and quality differences across these countries, you can make an informed choice that best suits your needs and ensures satisfaction with your halo human hair extensions.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that opting for cheaper products may result in a shorter lifespan and lower overall quality. It’s essential to consider the long-term effects and value for money when purchasing these products. Investing in higher-priced and higher-quality options like Vietnamese products can bring lasting benefits not only to your appearance but also to your budget in the long run.

How to buy halo human hair extensions?


When it comes to placing an order for halo human hair extensions, it is important to follow a series of steps to ensure a smooth and successful transaction. By carefully following these steps, you can minimize any potential issues and ensure that you receive the desired products. Below is an expanded guide on how to place an order smoothly:

Step 1: Searching for suppliers

Take the time to research and identify reputable wholesale suppliers of halo human hair extensions. Utilize search engines like Google or explore social media platforms like Facebook to gather information about various suppliers. This step allows you to gather insights about the suppliers’ brands, manufacturing processes, and product quality, helping you narrow down your options.

Step 2: Communication with suppliers

Once you have shortlisted potential suppliers, it’s crucial to initiate communication with them. Depending on your urgency, you can choose to call the suppliers directly to discuss your requirements and address any inquiries promptly. Alternatively, you can reach out via email or direct messaging, keeping in mind that response times may vary. Clearly articulate your needs, including the specific types, quantities, and variations of halo human hair extensions you wish to purchase.

Step 3: Placing your order

After establishing effective communication with the suppliers, proceed to place your order. Provide the suppliers with all the necessary details, ensuring that you convey your specific requirements accurately. This includes specifying the desired quantity, weight, color, length, and any additional customization options. A comprehensive and detailed order will minimize the chances of confusion or mistakes.

Step 4: Double-check order details

Before finalizing your order, it is crucial to double-check all the details. Carefully review the order invoice provided by the supplier to ensure that it accurately reflects your desired purchase. Pay close attention to the quantity, weight, price, and any additional specifications you have requested. By carefully reviewing and verifying the order details, you can prevent any potential discrepancies or misunderstandings.

Step 5: Finalize the order and payment

Once you are confident that the order details are accurate, proceed to finalize the purchase with the supplier. Agree on the payment method and terms, ensuring that both parties are clear on the transaction process. It is advisable to use secure payment methods, such as credit cards or trusted payment gateways, to protect your financial information and provide buyer protection.

Step 6: Track and monitor your order

After completing the purchase, stay informed about the progress of your order. Communicate with the supplier to obtain tracking information, if applicable, and monitor the shipment status. This allows you to stay updated on the delivery timeline and promptly address any issues that may arise during transit.

Step 7: Receive and inspect

Once your order arrives, carefully inspect the received halo human hair extensions. Verify that they match your specified requirements in terms of quantity, quality, and customization. If there are any discrepancies or concerns, promptly communicate with the supplier to seek resolution.

By following these detailed steps, you can navigate the process of placing an order for halo human hair extensions with confidence and minimize the risk of misunderstandings or errors. Remember, effective communication and thorough attention to detail are key to a successful purchase experience.

Prevent scam

In order to protect yourself from scams when purchasing, it is crucial to exercise caution and follow certain guidelines. Below are some additional steps you can take to avoid falling victim to fraudulent schemes:

  • Verify the seller’s reputation: Before making a purchase, thoroughly research the seller’s reputation. Look for reviews, testimonials, and ratings from other customers. Trusted online marketplaces often provide feedback systems that can help you gauge the credibility of the seller.
  • Look for authentic websites: Scammers often create fake websites that mimic legitimate ones. Pay close attention to the website address and ensure that it is spelled correctly and matches the official website of the brand or retailer. Look for secure checkout symbols, such as a padlock icon or “https” in the URL, to ensure your personal and financial information is protected.
  • Be cautious of unrealistically low prices: If the price of halo human hair extensions appears too good to be true, it is likely a red flag. Scammers may offer extremely low prices to lure unsuspecting buyers. Compare prices across different platforms and be wary of sellers offering significantly discounted prices without a valid reason.
  • Seek clear and comprehensive information: Legitimate sellers provide detailed information about their products, including hair quality, sourcing, and manufacturing processes. If a seller lacks transparency or fails to provide sufficient information, it is advisable to proceed with caution. Look for sellers who offer clear product descriptions, including close-up photos of the hair extensions.
  • Check for social media presence: Legitimate sellers often have an active social media presence and engage with their customers. Look for verified social media accounts, customer reviews, and interactions with customers on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube. Lack of social media presence or minimal customer engagement may indicate a suspicious seller.
  • Use secure payment methods: When making a purchase, use secure payment methods such as credit cards or trusted payment gateways. Avoid using wire transfers or sharing sensitive information through unsecured channels. These secure payment options often provide buyer protection in case of fraudulent transactions.
  • Trust your instincts: If something feels off or too good to be true, trust your instincts. Scammers often use high-pressure sales tactics or create a sense of urgency to rush buyers into making hasty decisions. Take your time, research thoroughly, and make an informed choice.
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By following these guidelines and staying vigilant, you can significantly reduce the risk of falling victim to scams when purchasing halo hair extensions made from real hair. Remember, it is always better to prioritize safety and authenticity over tempting but suspicious offers.

Guidance of using halo human hair extensions

How to apply?

The process of applying halo human hair extensions is relatively simple and can be done in a few steps. Here is a general overview of how to apply halo human hair extensions:

  • Preparation: Start by washing and conditioning your natural hair to ensure it is clean and free from any product buildup. Gently towel-dry your hair and comb through it to remove any tangles or knots.
  • Parting your hair: Create a clean parting across the crown of your head, separating the top section of your hair from the bottom section. Use a comb to create a straight and even parting.
  • Placing the hair extensions part: Hold the  extensions by the wire or thread and position it on your head, just below the hairline where you created the parting. The curved part of the hair extensions should face down towards the nape of your neck. Adjust the extension so that it sits comfortably and securely on your head.
  • Securing the halo human hair extensions: Once this hair extensions is in position, use your fingers to gently push the wire or thread towards your scalp, making sure it lies flat against your head. The wire or thread should be positioned approximately 1 inch to 2 inches below your natural hairline.
  • Blending your natural hair: Release the top section of your hair and allow it to fall over the hair extensions part. Use a comb or your fingers to gently blend your natural hair with that extensions. This will help create a seamless and natural look. If needed, you can use bobby pins to secure any loose strands of hair for a neater appearance.
  • Adjusting the fit: It should feel secure and comfortable without any tightness or discomfort. If necessary, adjust the wire or thread to ensure a proper fit by gently pushing it closer to your scalp.
  • Styling: Style your hair and the halo human hair extensions as desired. You can use heat styling tools, such as curling irons or straighteners, to blend your natural hair with the extensions and create your desired look. It’s important to apply heat protectant products before using any heat styling tools to prevent damage to the extensions.
  • Final touches: Once your hair is styled, check for any visible wires or unevenness. Use a mirror to examine the back of your head to ensure that the halo hair extensions which is made from human hair is well-concealed and blends seamlessly with your natural hair. Make any necessary adjustments to achieve a flawless look.
Before and after finishing application
Before and after finishing application

Remember to follow the specific instructions provided by the manufacturer of your halo human hair extensions, as the application process may vary slightly depending on the brand. It’s also essential to take proper care of your halo human hair extensions to maintain their quality and longevity.

How to take care?

Taking care of your halo human hair extensions is essential to ensure their longevity and maintain their beautiful appearance. Halo human hair extensions, also known as halo human hair extensions or halo couture extensions, are a popular choice for adding length and volume to your natural hair. They are easy to wear and remove, making them a convenient option for achieving the desired hairstyle. To help you keep your halo hair extensions especially made from human hair in optimal condition, here is a comprehensive guide on how to take care of them.


Brushing is an essential step of maintaining quality of halo human hair extensions
Brushing is an essential step of maintaining quality of halo human hair extensions

Start by gently brushing your hair extensions part before and after each use. Use a wide-toothed comb or a brush specifically designed for extensions to avoid tangling and minimize hair breakage. Begin at the ends and gradually work your way up to the roots, holding the hair securely near the attachment point to prevent any stress on the wire or weft.


In fact, this type of human hair extensions does not need to be washed as frequently as your natural hair, but it is important to keep them clean to maintain their freshness and manageability. Follow these steps to wash your halo hair extensions made from real human hair effectively:

  • Fill a sink or basin with lukewarm water and add a small amount of mild shampoo or sulfate-free cleanser. Avoid using products that contain alcohol or harsh chemicals as they can damage the extensions.
  • Gently submerge the halo human hair extensions in the water and carefully swish them around to distribute the shampoo. Do not rub or twist the extensions, as this can cause tangling.
  • Rinse the extensions thoroughly with clean water, ensuring that all shampoo residue is removed.
  • Apply a conditioner or treatment specifically formulated for extensions, focusing on the mid-lengths and ends. Avoid applying conditioner near the attachment point to prevent slippage.
  • Leave the conditioner on for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.
  • Gently squeeze out excess water from the extensions and lay them flat on a clean towel to air dry. Avoid using heat styling tools or excessive heat to dry the extensions, as this can damage the fibers or melt the wire.
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With versatile styling options, you are allowed to create various hairstyles. However, it is important to be mindful of the heat and styling products you use to prevent damage. Here are some tips for styling:

  • Use heat protectant spray before using hot styling tools such as curling irons or straighteners. This helps minimize heat damage to the extensions.
  • Avoid using excessive heat settings on your styling tools. Opt for lower temperatures and limit the amount of time the heat is applied to the extensions.
  • When curling or straightening the extensions, use gentle, slow movements to prevent excessive pulling or tugging.
  • Avoid using heavy styling products, such as gels or waxes, near the attachment point, as they can cause the halo human hair extensions to slip or become less secure.


Proper storage is crucial to prevent tangling, breakage, or damage to your halo human hair extensions when they are not in use. Follow these storage tips:

  • Gently brush the extensions to remove any tangles or knots before storing them.
  • Store the extensions in a clean, dry, and dust-free environment. Use a dedicated extension hanger or a satin-lined box to keep them protected.
  • Avoid storing the extensions in direct sunlight or humid areas, as this can affect their quality.
  • If you need to travel with your halo human hair extensions, use a travel case or a storage pouch designed specifically for extensions to protect them during transit.


Regular maintenance is essential to keep your hair extensions in the best condition possible. Follow these maintenance tips:

  • Avoid sleeping with wet or damp extensions, as this can cause tangling or matting.
  • If you participate in physical activities that may cause excessive sweating, it is recommended to remove the extensions beforehand to prevent moisture buildup.
  • Be cautious when using hair care products such as hairsprays, oils, or serums near the attachment point, as they can cause the extensions to slip or become less secure.
  • Schedule regular check-ups with your stylist to ensure that the extensions are properly adjusted, if necessary, and to address any maintenance or repair needs.

By following these care tips, you can extend the lifespan of your halo human hair extensions and enjoy their natural-looking beauty for a longer period. Remember that proper maintenance and gentle handling are key to preserving the quality and appearance of your extensions. With the right care routine, it will continue to enhance your hairstyle and boost your confidence.

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