Remy UK hair extensions

Remy UK hair extensions

What can you get from the remy hair extensions in the market of hair in the UK? Follow this post to get further information about this hair product!

Basic knowledge about remy UK hair extensions

In order to gain a comprehensive understanding of this UK hair extensions type, it is important to start with fundamental information. This foundation will enable us to delve into specific aspects such as categories, distribution, and the value of remy hair extensions in the UK market. Initially, let’s concentrate on the fundamental knowledge associated with this hair extensions type, providing you with an overview of the hair extension industry in the United Kingdom.


What are remy UK hair extensions? Remy UK hair extensions are authentic remy hair sourced from the UK. The term “come from the UK” is used to indicate their origin, as these products are not solely sold within the UK. In fact, many countries import this type of UK hair extensions to resell in their own markets.

Consequently, UK hair extensions, including remy hair extensions, have gained a global presence. The labels “remy Uk hair extensions” or “remy hair extension from UK” are no longer unfamiliar phrases. However, it is important to delve deeper into the specific features of remy hair extensions from this country, which will be discussed below.

Remy UK hair extensions
Remy UK hair extensions

The origin 

It is important to note that remy hair extensions in the UK are not exclusively made from human hair sourced within the UK. In reality, the origin of this hair extensions type can be categorized into two main groups: raw hair sourced from the UK itself, and raw hair imported from other countries, particularly those in Asia.

  • Raw hair from the UK: is primarily sourced from residents within the UK. This hair is typically naturally blonde or available in various shades of blonde, which is a characteristic feature of this UK hair extensions type. The hair is known for being smooth and healthy, contributing to the production of premium-quality remy hair extensions in the UK. However, over the years, the availability of qualified hair for manufacturing remy hair extensions has decreased. This is primarily because most women prefer to have their hairstyles done at salons, driven by the high demand for beauty and the elevated standard of living. As a result, fewer people are willing to sell their virgin hair for monetary gain. In cases where such hair is available, it is often damaged due to chemical treatments during the styling process, significantly diminishing the quality of the final remy hair extension products.
  • Raw hair imported: is the result of the scarcity of domestic raw hair materials for producing authentic remy hair extensions in the UK, the industry relies on imported hair, which is then transformed into remy hair extensions in UK factories. The majority of this imported hair originates from Asia, where the raw hair is naturally black. As part of the manufacturing process, an additional step is required: bleaching the hair to achieve the desired color. However, if the hair is not of high quality, the bleaching process can result in an unfavorable color outcome, leading to dryness, increased shedding, and tangling in the products. Despite being referred to as UK hair extensions, the hair texture of these products differs significantly from the original hair sourced within the UK. Currently, UK suppliers of remy hair extensions heavily rely on this group of imported hair materials.

Reasons for the the high price

What is the reasons for such an expensive price for this UK hair extensions type? The reasons for the expensive price are supposed to lie on the high-quality hair and the modern technology. In addition, the price range is also much higher in comparison with that of many other countries due to the difference in income levels and the units of currency.

  • High-quality: is the first reason that makes the price so high. UK hair is always introduced as naturally blond and smooth. It is pretty trendy and fashionable, especially when it is used to make remy hair extension UK products. Though the hair materials now are mixed between domestic and external sources, this assumption of remy hair extension UK quality is still well kept. 
  • Modern technology: is also another reason for the expensiveness of remy UK hair extensions. The application of modern technology in manufacturing this type of UK hair extensions requires qualified factories with advanced equipment and skilled workers. All of these demands may raise the cost of remy hair extension UK production. In addition, the point is that such technology makes this type of UK hair extensions become luxurious products, and the prices rise as a result.
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The well-kept reputation of this UK hair extensions type is the result of various factors, encompassing both the attributes of the remy hair extensions themselves and the effective marketing strategies employed in the industry.

  • Firstly, remy hair extensions from this country are consistently associated with high quality. The natural blond color, smooth texture, and long-lasting lifespan are qualities that are commonly attributed to UK hair extensions. This overall good quality of this type of UK hair extensions helps maintain positive perceptions of this UK hair extensions type in general, including remy weave hair extensions specifically.
  • Furthermore, through effective marketing efforts, this type of UK hair extensions have acquired a reputation for being luxurious extension products. This marketing impact has further enhanced the desirability of remy hair extensions from this country, making them a coveted choice for women seeking premium hair extensions.

Different lengths

When categorizing this UK hair extensions type, one criterion to consider is the length of the hair. There are three types to take into account when classifying this type of UK hair extensions: long length, medium length, and short hair extensions. Let’s provide an overview of each type of this hair extension produced in UK below.

  • Long: Long length remy hair extensions  are highly sought after in both the domestic and international markets. Natural UK human hair tends to be thin and not very long, so these extensions rely on materials sourced from imports. The most popular long length remy hair extensions in the UK range from 22 inches to 30 inches long.
  • Medium long: Medium long remy hair extensions are considered the most popular type of remy hair extensions among UK women. The hair length for this category typically falls between 14 and 22 inches. These remy hair extensions are versatile and suitable for various hairstyles, whether straight or curly. The trending medium long remy hair extensions in the UK currently include wavy blond and balayage hair extensions.
  • Short: Short remy hair extensions are not as commonly chosen among UK women. This is due to the thin nature of their natural hair and concerns about shedding. Many women prefer longer remy hair extensions in the UK to add both length and volume to their natural hair. Additionally, the most popular types of this UK hair extensions type, such as tape-in and tip-in extensions, are best suited for long and medium long lengths. As a result, remy hair extensions ranging from 8 to 12 inches are not as frequently chosen in the UK market.

Various types of remy UK hair extensions

When considering the appearance and methods of application of this remy hair extensions type, there are various types that can be classified. These include remy bulk hair, ponytail extensions, weft hair or remy weave hair extensions in the UK, clip-in hair extensions, and tape-in hair extensions. Let’s explore these five common types of this UK hair extensions type, each with its unique appearance and installation method.

Bulk hair extensions

Bulk hair extensions
Bulk hair extensions

Remy hair extensions in the form of bulk hair which is produced in UK, are also known as raw hair extensions. After being collected, the hair undergoes a cleaning and rearranging process to ensure that all the individual hairs are aligned in the same direction. This process does not involve the use of heat or chemicals, resulting in remy hair extensions that are fresh and healthy. Many hair salons and hair sellers in the UK prefer to import bleached bulk remy hair extensions from reputable Asian suppliers, such as those from Vietnam. These suppliers offer abundant sources of high-quality remy hair extensions in the UK at affordable prices.

Ponytail hair extensions 

Ponytail hair extensions

Remy hair extensions in the form of ponytail are designed to be attached to a user’s natural ponytail. These extensions are commonly available in popular shades such as blond and European colors, and preferred lengths are typically long or medium long. A ponytail remy hair extension in the UK is typically secured on a mesh base and includes an additional hair strand for tying it onto the real ponytail, resulting in a natural and seamless appearance.

Weft hair extensions 

Weft hair extensions

Remy hair extensions in the form of bulk, also known as remy weave hair extensions, involve hair extensions that are sewn onto hair wefts. Each weft remy hair extension in the UK or remy weave hair extension can be as long as 1 meter. With this type of extension, users can achieve a new hairstyle that is full, long, and thick. The most popular method for installing weft remy hair extensions in the UK is through the sewing method. The remy hair extension UK weft or remy weave hair extensions UK is carefully sewn onto the user’s natural braid, ensuring the extension lasts long and remains free from damage.

Clip- in hair extensions

Clip-in hair extensions made of remy UK hair
Clip-in hair extensions

Clip-in remy hair extensions in the UK are incredibly popular and highly convenient. In fact, they are often regarded as the best this UK hair extensions type in terms of convenience. The key feature of clip-in remy hair extensions is the special clips that are attached to the normal hair weft, creating a clip-in remy hair extension UK. The weft can also be made shorter, known as hair pieces, allowing users to choose the most suitable type for their needs. Installing clip-in remy hair extensions is remarkably easy and time-efficient, taking only 5-10 minutes. Users simply need to clip the remy hair extensions onto their real hair, providing a natural and hassle-free way to add length and volume.

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Tape- in hair extensions

Tape-in hair extensions
Tape-in hair extensions

Tape-in remy hair extensions are incredibly popular in the UK due to their ability to seamlessly add length and volume to the hair. Unlike clip-in remy hair extensions, tape-in extensions are typically created as small hair pieces with tapes attached to the roots. The installation process for tape-in remy hair extensions is straightforward. Users simply need to adhere the extensions to their hair without requiring any additional tools. However, while the removal of tape-in extensions is simple and damage-free, reapplication can potentially diminish the effectiveness of the tape. Therefore, it is recommended that users seek assistance from a professional hairdresser for precise and optimal tape placement during the initial application.

Different hairstyling options with remy hair extensions

It is worth noting that the styles achievable with this type of UK hair extensions are incredibly diverse and cater to various preferences.


The variety of European colors available for this remy hair extensions is extensive. The most well-regarded color choice for remy UK hair extensions is blond. However, there is also a wide range of other colors and patterns to select from. These options can be broadly categorized into two main groups: natural blonde shades and colored or dyed remy UK hair extensions. This diverse selection ensures that individuals have a wide array of choices when it comes to choosing the perfect remy hair extensions color for their desired look.

Natural blonde

The natural blond color of this UK hair extensions type makes blonde remy hair extensions highly sought after in the UK, as they seamlessly blend with the natural hair color. Remy hair extensions made from domestic hair materials in the UK are typically naturally blonde, eliminating the need for additional coloring processes. However, a significant portion of the raw hair used for this UK hair extensions type is imported from Asian suppliers who provide natural black hair. Consequently, the majority of this type of UK hair extensions are made from virgin hair that has been pre-bleached. In terms of blonde color options, users of remy hair extensions have a range of shades to choose from. The two most popular shades for this type of UK hair extensions are blonde #60 and #613. Additionally, the golden blonde shade #22 is also highly favored.

Various other colors with dye

When it comes to colored hair, remy hair extensions in general offer a wide range of beautiful shades. Among the most popular options are white, brown, chestnut, honey, ginger, and grey, to name a few. These colors are versatile and complement various skin tones, making them easy to wear for anyone. Furthermore, these shades also lend themselves well to the process of bleaching this UK hair extensions type. These colors have remained on-trend for many years, showcasing their enduring popularity. What sets these colored remy hair extensions apart is that they are not simply dyed in a single tone. Producers get creative by incorporating trendy patterns such as balayage, ombre, or highlights. These patterns result in remy hair extensions that look incredibly natural and seamlessly blend with the wearer’s own hair.


Body wavy

The body wavy style has consistently remained the top choice for hairstyles. The soft and elegant curls of body wavy hair extensions exude a timeless and classy appeal. Moreover, they possess a youthful and captivating charm that makes them versatile for various occasions, be it everyday looks, professional settings, or special events. This particular remy hair extension UK style complements all face shapes, making it a suitable option for everyone. If you have a round or square face shape, the curly wavy texture can help to soften and camouflage certain features, particularly when paired with curtain bangs. With body wavy remy UK hair extensions, you can effortlessly achieve a stunning and flattering hairstyle.

Voluminous curly

Voluminous tight curly hair is another distinctive style for individuals of Caucasian descent. The curls in this style are not as tight as those found in kinky hair, but they are smaller and more defined compared to wavy curls. This curl pattern exudes a lively and youthful vibe, adding a sense of energy and dynamism to the overall look. With voluminous tight curly hair, anyone can effortlessly capture attention and stand out in a crowd. The uniqueness and eye-catching nature of this hairstyle make it a perfect choice for those seeking a bold and confident appearance. Besides, curly hairstyles in UK are the styles that almost all UK women choose for their hair as well as hair extensions! Not only because the curly patterns are extremely diverse and attractive, it is also because the curls give the best natural blending between real hair and hair extensions.

Loose wavy

The loose wavy style is characterized by gentle waves that exude a natural and elegant look. This versatile curl pattern pairs exceptionally well with curtain bangs and balayage colors, creating a truly captivating and eye-catching hairstyle. Picture yourself in a soft, loose curly hairstyle with beautifully styled bangs and creative, multidimensional colors. The result is a stunning and effortlessly gorgeous appearance that will leave you feeling more confident than ever before. The loose wavy style adds a touch of sophistication and charm to any look, making it a go-to choice for those seeking a refined yet captivating hairstyle.

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The straight style of this type of UK hair extensions is a timeless classic that never goes out of fashion. Smooth, straight blonde hair has recently regained popularity as a trendy look. This sleek and straight style is particularly well-suited for those seeking a muse-like appearance. Additionally, with straight remy hair extensions, users have the freedom to customize their hairstyles and experiment with various looks. They can effortlessly create layered straight styles, temporary curly or wavy looks, elegant buns, intricate braids, and much more. The versatility and flexibility of straight remy hair extensions allow individuals to explore endless possibilities and achieve their desired hairstyle with ease. Whether aiming for a chic and polished look or a more intricate and creative style, straight remy hair extensions in the UK provide the perfect foundation for customization.

Is selling remy UK hair extensions profitable?

Considering all the information provided above, this remy hair extensions which is produced in the UKare indeed worth investing in, particularly for hair sellers. The remy hair extension UK market offers profitable opportunities due to its positive reputation, high-quality products, and diverse options available. By carefully selecting and investing in the best remy hair extensions in the UK, resellers can attract a large customer base, as the demand for weave hair extensions is quite high. However, to be more critical, let’s summarize the pros and cons of this UK hair extensions type, as well as potential alternative options.


  • High quality and attractiveness: This remy hair extensions are known for their blond color and smooth texture, which have become iconic features of UK hair extensions. This ensures that customers are satisfied with the beautiful appearance and superior quality of these human hair extensions.
  • Luxurious image: UK hair extensions have gained a reputation for being luxurious and exclusive. While this may be seen as a potential drawback, it can also be seen as an advantage when targeting customers with higher incomes who are seeking premium and upscale products.
  • Wide diversity: The range of remy hair extensions available in the UK market is extensive. From varying hair lengths to different types and hairstyles, there are numerous options to choose from. This ensures that hair extension stores can offer a diverse selection of remy UK hair extensions, preventing monotony and catering to a wide range of customer preferences.


  • Scarcity in domestic raw material supply: Since a significant portion of the raw materials for this remy hair extensions are imported, there may be challenges in controlling the sourcing and quality of the materials. Customers seeking the best remy hair extensions in the UK may need to conduct thorough research to find reliable suppliers who can meet their specific requirements.
  • Expensive prices: this type of UK hair extensions tend to have higher price points. This can be a disadvantage when considering price competitiveness, particularly in comparison to suppliers from regions like Asia or Africa.

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