Vietnamese bone straight hair

Vietnamese bone straight hair

In today’s ever-evolving hair extension market, one of the most sought-after and highly regarded products is Vietnamese bone straight hair. Its popularity stems from its exceptional quality and versatility, making it a favorite among consumers and a valuable asset for companies operating in the hair extension industry.

To truly grasp the significance of this hair type, it is essential to delve into the fundamentals of this remarkable product. Bone straight hair sourced from Vietnamese is renowned for its natural straight texture, which is sleek, glossy, and silky-smooth. It has gained a reputation for its ability to seamlessly blend with various hair types, allowing individuals to achieve flawless and natural-looking extensions.

Overview of Vietnamese bone straight hair

Definition of Vietnamese bone straight hair

What is Vietnamese bone straight hair? Bone straight hair sourced from Vietnamese is the hair undergoes a meticulous process. Natural Vietnamese hair is carefully selected as the raw material, and then it is subjected to straightening techniques before being made available for sale. During the straightening procedure, temperature and chemicals are employed to strike a delicate balance between achieving optimal hair quality and preserving the integrity of the hair cuticles. This ensures that the hair remains healthy, shiny, and resilient.

The allure of this Vietnamese hair lies in its unique characteristics. It boasts an extremely thin and straight texture, appearing remarkably smooth to the touch. What makes bone straight hair sourced from Vietnamese truly exceptional is that it is entirely unprocessed and derived exclusively from Vietnamese human hair, ensuring its authenticity and natural beauty.

To simplify the categorization of this hair type which is sourced from Vietnamese and aid clients in understanding the texture and thickness, manufacturers often classify it into three varieties: single drawn hair, double drawn hair, and super double drawn hair. Single drawn hair extensions consist of the lightest bundles, while super double drawn hair extensions feature the thickest and fullest bundles. Double drawn hair falls in between these two categories, possessing a medium density.

When it comes to pricing, this Vietnamese hair products follow a general trend. Single drawn hair extensions tend to be the most affordable option, making them accessible to a wider range of customers. Double drawn hair extensions fall within a mid-range price point, striking a balance between quality and cost. Finally, super double drawn hair extensions are considered the most expensive due to their voluminous nature. The price of this type of Vietnamese hair extensions is directly related to the volume and density of the hair bundles.

Vietnamese hair classification based on drawn
Vietnamese hair classification based on drawn

Vietnamese hair extensions in general encompass a wide array of styles that enjoy immense popularity, such as weaved hair, virgin hair, sew-in hair, tape-in hair extensions, and many others. Besides the widely acclaimed Vietnamese bone straight hair, Vietnam offers a plethora of sought-after natural hair extensions. Among these, weave hair extensions stand out as a highly favored choice, as they perfectly complement the preferences and appearance of native individuals, just like bone straight hair sourced from Vietnamese .


Bone straight hair sourced from Vietnamese truly distinguish themselves from other types of hair extensions due to several compelling reasons.

  • Firstly, the natural bone straight hair sourced from Vietnamese undergoes meticulous chemical and thermal processing, ensuring its unparalleled straightness. As a result, these extensions boast a remarkable sleekness and smoothness that can elevate any hairstyle. The quality of Vietnamese hair extensions is consistently high, with each bundle offering lengthy strands that exude luster and radiance.
  • The source of this type of hair adds to their appeal. The supply for these extensions primarily comes from Vietnamese women aged between 18 to 25. This particular age range represents a stage where the hair of Vietnamese women is known to be at its richest, thickest, and strongest. Thus, this Vietnamese hair products acquire their exceptional quality and durability from this select group of donors.

With its aforementioned exceptional qualities, this Vietnamese hair products have indisputably surpassed other bone straight hair extensions, establishing themselves as the preferred choice among hair extension enthusiasts worldwide. If you are contemplating the launch of your own hair extensions company, it would be wise to seriously consider including this hair item in your list of products.

Why is Vietnamese bone straight hair so popular?

Vietnamese bone straight hair extensions have gained immense popularity among beauty enthusiasts. Why is that?  Extensive consumer research conducted by experts has identified several key factors including origin, longevity, flexibility and prices contributing to the high demand for these extensions.


  • The primary source of this Vietnamese hair products can be attributed to Vietnamese females residing in the northern region of Vietnam. This area boasts a moderate environment, making the hair less susceptible to heat damage from the sun. The natural care practices followed by these women help maintain the health of their hair, thus ensuring that this Vietnamese hair is exceptionally strong and smooth.
  • The collection process involves one to three donors contributing their bone straight hair sourced from real hair of the Vietnamese. Thanks to the intact and aligned cuticles, the chances of tangling or matting are significantly reduced. This meticulous collection method, combined with the expertise of dedicated employees, ensures that the resulting this type of hair exhibits an extraordinarily smooth, straight, and tangle-free quality.
  • An additional advantage ofbone straight hair sourced from Vietnamese is its versatility when it comes to bleaching or dyeing. Even light colors like blonde, balayage, or ombre can be applied without compromising the softness of the hair. Unlike Indian hair, which is naturally thin and wavy, requiring powerful chemical straightening treatments that often result in weakened and dry hair, Vietnamese hair’s inherent straightness eliminates the need for excessive chemical processing to achieve the desired bone straight texture.
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Vietnamese bone straight hair in different colors
Vietnamese bone straight hair in different colors


For women, the durability of their hair is of utmost importance, considering that high-quality hair products often represent a significant investment. Fortunately, bone straight hair sourced from Vietnamese is renowned for its longevity, with proper maintenance allowing it to last for over five years.

  • One of the advantages of this Vietnamese hair is that they require relatively minimal upkeep. The hair is resistant to tangling and maintains a consistent shine, which contributes to its longer lifespan. These extensions are carefully produced by Vietnamese human hair extension manufacturers, ensuring their durability for approximately 5 to 7 years. This longevity enhances the reputation of your hair extension business, as clients value products that offer long-term value.
  • Moreover, maintaining the straightness and smoothness of bone straight hair sourced from Vietnamese is a straightforward process. This aspect is highly appreciated by customers worldwide, as it saves them money, effort, and time. The simplicity of upkeep adds to the appeal of this Vietnamese hair products and makes them a favorite choice among individuals seeking convenient and low-maintenance hair solutions.


Vietnamese bone straight hair has gained significant popularity among users worldwide, particularly among African clients, as it fulfills their specific preferences and requirements.

African women, especially those from Nigeria, find Vietnamese ladies with bone straight hair highly appealing due to its ability to complement their skin tone and provide a natural, radiant appearance. This type of bone straight hair is crafted exclusively from the virgin hair of Vietnamese women, which is known for its remarkable length. Consequently, the length of Vietnamese bone straight hair extensions varies greatly, offering versatility to cater to different style preferences.

In addition, African women are renowned for their bold and vibrant hair choices. Vietnamese hair proves to be an ideal option as it can be easily lightened or colored without compromising its strength or smoothness, meeting the criteria for adventurous hair transformations. This adaptability further enhances the appeal of this Vietnamese hair products to African clients, empowering them to experiment with different hair hues while maintaining the desired quality.

Nigeria, in particular, has a significant demand for natural hair extensions on a global scale. The preference for black, smooth, and long straight hair, resembling bone straight hair sourced from Vietnamese , has long been ingrained in the culture. Given that many Nigerian women have shorter and wavy hair, the availability of Vietnamese bone straight hair extensions in numerous salons across the country is readily accessible.

Compare Vietnamese hair and Nigerian hair
Compare Vietnamese hair and Nigerian hair


Bone straight hair sourced from Vietnamese stands out as the most cost-effective choice compared to bone straight hair from other countries for several reasons:

  • Natural straightness and silkiness: Vietnamese hair is naturally straight and silky, which significantly reduces the cost of straightening and softening processes. This inherent quality eliminates the need for extensive chemical treatments, resulting in cost savings.
  • Efficient shipping methods: Vietnamese hair producers have established long-standing relationships with African consumers, allowing them to optimize shipping costs. They utilize their own commercial ships, reducing transportation expenses compared to relying on third-party shipping services.
  • Favorable geographical location: Vietnam benefits from an extensive coastline and strategic location, making it an ideal hub for sea transportation. This mode of shipping is the primary method for exporting commodities to Africa, ensuring cost-effective and efficient delivery of Vietnamese bone straight hair.
  • Direct production and distribution: Vietnamese hair companies follow a direct approach in the production and distribution of hair extensions. Unlike Chinese hair extensions, which often source hair from India and are subject to tariffs, Vietnamese firms manufacture and distribute their own extensions, bypassing middlemen expenses. This direct process enables them to offer more affordable pricing to customers.

How to buy Vietnamese bone straight hair?

Guidance to find high quality products

The current beauty trends emphasize the promotion of natural beauty. When it comes to achieving a luxurious yet effortless look, bone straight human hair extensions sourced from Vietnamese excel, surpassing many other types of hair extensions available.If you are interested in importing bone straight hair sourced from Vietnamese, here are the steps to follow:

  • Find a reputable Vietnamese hair facility specializing in bone straight hair. It is crucial to ensure the quality and authenticity of the hair you import.
  • When searching for a reliable provider of this Vietnamese hair products, consider several factors. Utilize social networking platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook to gather information about factories producing Vietnamese bone straight hair. Search terms such as “wholesale Vietnamese bone straight hair vendor” or similar phrases on Google to narrow down your options.
  • To ensure the authenticity and reliability of the products, it is recommended to verify the presence of trademarks, watermarks, hair tags, or logos on social media posts related to these products. Reputable hair merchants often use these identifiers to authenticate their items. On the other hand, it can be challenging to ascertain the origin and legitimacy of this Vietnamese hair products sold by sellers without reliable brands or logos. This uncertainty raises concerns about potential fraud, making it prudent to exercise caution before transferring any money.
  • The verified company registration profile plays a crucial role in instilling confidence among importers seeking the best vendor for purchasing this Vietnamese hair products. This document serves as evidence of authenticity and thorough verification by the trade government agency. Any hair manufacturer or seller with a verified company registration certificate is undoubtedly a credible and trustworthy vendor for importing Vietnamese bone straight hair.
  • By relying on such verified profiles, importers can have peace of mind knowing that they are dealing with legitimate suppliers. This ensures a secure and reliable transaction process, reducing the risks associated with fraudulent practices. When considering hair vendors, prioritize those with verified company registration profiles to establish a foundation of trust and authenticity.
  • To make an informed decision and avoid scams, gather feedback and insights from individuals who have previously purchased these products. Their experiences can provide valuable information about the quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction of different suppliers.
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Scammer warning signs

When customers are in the process of buying bone straight hair sourced from Vietnamese, it is crucial to be cautious and stay alert for warning signs that may indicate potential scammers. Here are some red flags to be aware of:

  • Absence of official website and information: Scammers often lack a legitimate online presence, such as an official website or credible information about their business. The absence of such sources can be a clear indicator of fraudulent activity.
  • Lack of clear guarantees and payment procedures: Legitimate sellers typically provide explicit and detailed guarantees regarding the quality of their products and establish transparent payment procedures. If these assurances are missing or vague, it is a cause for concern.
  • Premature payment requests: Exercise caution if a seller insists on receiving payment before thoroughly consulting with you. Legitimate sellers prioritize customer satisfaction and ensure that all inquiries and concerns are addressed before discussing payment.
  • Refusal to conduct video calls for hair assessment: Authentic sellers understand the importance of customer trust and may offer video calls to assess the condition of your hair or demonstrate the quality of their product. If a seller refuses or avoids such requests, it raises suspicion.
  • Lack of customer feedback: Scammers often lack product feedback or customer reviews. Authentic sellers typically have a track record of satisfied customers and positive feedback. The absence of feedback should be taken as a warning sign and prompt further investigation.

Notices when placing order

Once you have determined the ideal type of bone straight hair sourced from Vietnamese, the final step is to place your order. When purchasing this type of hair products, it is important to consider the following factors:

  • Transportation cost: Take into account the cost of shipping the products to your desired location. Some sellers may include the shipping cost in the overall price, while others may require it to be paid separately. Clarify this aspect before making your purchase.
  • Payment process: Understand the payment process and ensure it is convenient and secure for you. Legitimate sellers will have transparent and reliable payment methods in place, making the process smooth and hassle-free.
  • Inspection of the hair extensions: It is essential to inspect the this Vietnamese hair products before finalizing the payment. Request pictures or videos of the hair factory where the extensions are produced. Additionally, consider arranging a video call to thoroughly examine the products and confirm their authenticity. A reputable hair factory will be willing to accommodate such requests and provide detailed information.

By keeping these points in mind, you can ensure a smooth and satisfactory purchase experience when ordering this product . Prioritize clear communication, transparency, and verification of the products before making any financial commitments. This approach will help you distinguish between legitimate factories and intermediaries, ensuring you receive genuine products of the highest quality.

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