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Wholesale hair vietnam Nice Hair Viet Nam

The hair industry has experienced a dramatic increase in activity in recent years. The reason behind this trend is the growing desire for premium human hair. Individuals desiring to achieve exquisite hair quality. Obviously, ensuring high quality hair depends on finding a reliable hair supplier in Vietnam.

The pertinent questions arise: Which hair manufacturers can be deemed dependable? How does one go about identifying a reliable hair distributor? What criteria can be employed to ascertain the reliability of these factories? Furthermore, how does the pricing and product offerings compare among different vendors, and what is the level of client satisfaction they offer? Such inquiries abound. Let us delve into the world of Vietnam Hair Factory through the lens of Nice Hair Viet Nam.

Should you choose the Vietnam Hair Factory to be your vendor?

In the present era, every facet of life is progressing positively. This is evident in the escalating pursuit of aesthetics, which encompasses a burgeoning demand for hair products. Candidly speaking, Vietnam’s hair market is gaining immense popularity, paralleled by the substantial growth of hair factories within the country. Hence, what rationale underlies the ascendancy of Vietnamese hair factories as the foremost destinations for outsourcing hair products?

Origin of Authentic Vietnamese Human Hair

  • The source of genuine Vietnamese human hair is a pivotal aspect of the hair industry. Vietnam has emerged as a prominent supplier of high-quality human hair, sought after by individuals and businesses globally. This can be attributed to several factors that contribute to the unique characteristics and desirability of Vietnamese hair.
  • Vietnam’s diverse population is a key factor in the availability of various hair textures and colors. The country’s population includes a mix of ethnicities, resulting in a wide range of natural hair types, from straight to wavy to curly. This diversity allows for the production of hair extensions and products that cater to a broad spectrum of preferences.
  • Furthermore, Vietnamese hair is renowned for its thickness, strength, and natural shine. The hair is typically unprocessed, meaning it has not undergone chemical treatments or alterations, preserving its natural qualities. This makes Vietnamese human hair highly attractive for extensions, wigs, and other applications where authenticity and quality are paramount.
  • The sourcing process for Vietnamese human hair involves meticulous collection from individuals who have chosen to sell their hair for various reasons. These individuals often receive fair compensation for their hair, contributing to local economies. The hair is then carefully cleaned, sorted, and processed to create the final products that customers around the world value.

The Proficient Craftsmen at Vietnam Hair Factory

The Proficient Craftsmen at Vietnam Hair Factory
The Proficient Craftsmen at Vietnam Hair Factory

A pivotal factor behind the creation of flawless hair products lies in the exceptional skill possessed by the workers. Throughout history, Vietnamese laborers have garnered a reputation for their diligence and expertise. This enduring legacy continues to manifest as each strand of hair is meticulously fashioned by the deft hands of adept artisans. Moreover, these products undergo rigorous scrutiny on numerous occasions to ensure that only the highest standards of perfection are met and delivered to our esteemed clients.

Adorable price


The allure of Vietnamese hair lies in its exquisite quality, and while it may not fall into the category of bargain prices, it adheres to the adage “You get what you pay for.” This principle rings true as you invest in a product that embodies superior craftsmanship at a price that reflects its inherent value.

A noteworthy distinction arises when comparing Vietnamese hair to other options in the market. Take, for instance, the hair factories in China, which often source their hair from India, incurring import taxes and additional expenses along the way. In contrast, Vietnamese human hair is presented to you at its factory price, unburdened by the intricacies of international sourcing. This direct access to a local source not only diminishes the cost associated with the hair itself but also has a ripple effect on the broader hairdressing industry.

By opting for Vietnamese human hair, you embark on a journey that extends beyond a mere purchase. You contribute to the enrichment of the hairdressing landscape as a whole, empowering the industry with a more profitable and sustainable framework. The price you pay for these extensions is not merely a transaction; it’s an investment in superior quality, ethical sourcing, and the betterment of an entire ecosystem.

How to find a reliable Vietnam Hair Factory?

How to find a reliable Vietnam Hair Factory
How to find a reliable Vietnam Hair Factory

Finding a reliable Vietnam Hair Factory is essential to ensure the quality and authenticity of the hair products you’re seeking. Here are some steps you can take to find a trustworthy supplier:

  • Online Research: Start your search by looking online for Vietnam Hair Factories. Browse through their websites, product offerings, and customer reviews to get an initial sense of their reputation and the quality of their products.
  • Check Reviews and Testimonials: Look for reviews and testimonials from customers who have purchased from the factory. Real customer experiences can provide valuable insights into the factory’s reliability and the quality of their products.
  • Ask for Recommendations: Reach out to your network, including fellow hair professionals, friends, or acquaintances who might have experience with Vietnam Hair Factories. Personal recommendations can help you identify reliable sources.
  • Contact the Factory: Reach out to the factories you’re interested in. Ask them questions about their products, sourcing practices, manufacturing processes, and any certifications they might have. A responsive and transparent communication is a good indicator of reliability.
  • Quality of Communication: Pay attention to how the factory communicates with you. A reliable factory should be professional, prompt, and willing to address any questions or concerns you may have.
  • Visit the Factory: If possible, consider visiting the factory in person. This can give you a firsthand look at their operations, the quality of their facilities, and an opportunity to meet the team behind the products.
  • Samples: Request samples of their hair products to evaluate their quality, texture, and durability. This will help you gauge the consistency and authenticity of the hair.
  • Check for Transparency: A reliable factory should be transparent about their sourcing practices, production methods, and any certifications they hold. Ask for details about the origin of the hair and their processing techniques.
  • Verify References: Ask the factory for references from other clients, especially from those who have been doing business with them for a while. Reach out to these references to gather more information about their experiences.
  • Evaluate Pricing: While pricing is important, be cautious of deals that seem too good to be true. Extremely low prices could be a red flag for compromised quality.
  • Certifications: Inquire about any industry certifications or affiliations that the factory holds. This can provide additional assurance of their commitment to quality and ethical practices.
  • Secure Payment: Ensure that the payment process is secure and that the factory offers clear terms and conditions for refunds or exchanges in case of any issues.
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By taking these steps and conducting thorough research, you can increase your chances of finding a reliable Vietnam Hair Factory that meets your needs and expectations.

How can you know a reliable Vietnam Hair Factory?

Identifying a reliable Vietnam Hair Factory requires careful research and consideration. Here are some key indicators to help you determine the reliability of a hair factory:

  • Reputation and Reviews: Look for online reviews, testimonials, and feedback from previous customers. Positive reviews and a solid reputation within the hair industry are strong indicators of reliability.
  • Transparency: A reliable factory should be transparent about their sourcing, manufacturing processes, and product quality. They should be willing to provide information about the origin of their hair, processing methods, and any certifications they hold.
  • Communication: Pay attention to how the factory communicates with you. Reliable factories are responsive, professional, and willing to address your questions and concerns promptly.
  • Quality of Products: Request samples of their hair products to evaluate the quality, texture, and durability. High-quality hair should feel natural, have intact cuticles, and resist tangling and shedding.
  • Certifications: Inquire about any certifications they have, such as ISO certifications or industry affiliations. Certifications can indicate a commitment to maintaining certain standards.
  • Sourcing Practices: Ask about their sourcing practices. Hair factories that ethically source their hair and have a clear supply chain are more likely to be reliable.
  • Payment and Contracts: A reliable factory should provide clear payment terms and contracts. Be cautious of factories that ask for full payment upfront or have vague terms.
  • Physical Location: If possible, visit the factory in person. A physical presence can provide insights into their operations, facilities, and working conditions.
  • Customer Support: Evaluate the factory’s customer support. A reliable factory should be willing to address any issues, provide after-sales support, and offer solutions if you encounter any problems with their products.
  • Consistency: Look for factories that consistently deliver high-quality products. If they have a track record of providing reliable products to a wide range of customers, it’s a positive sign.
  • Longevity in the Industry: Factories that have been operating for a longer time in the hair industry are more likely to have established processes and a reliable reputation.
  • Referrals: Seek referrals from other professionals in the industry or from customers who have previously worked with the factory.
  • Secure Payment: Ensure that their payment methods are secure and that they offer safe options for transactions.

Remember that while these indicators can help you assess the reliability of a Vietnam Hair Factory, it’s important to conduct thorough research, ask questions, and trust your instincts before making a decision.

Wholesale Vietnamese Hair Factory in VietNam

Nicehairvietnam – Vietnam Human Hair Factory

  • Nicehairvietnam is a modern full-cycle hair extension factory. Our equipment, unique technologies, and modern approach to production allow us to offer our customers the best products.
  • The quality of the hair enables you to use extensions for a long time. The factory produces a full range of hair extensions, like tape-ins, wefts, keratin bonds, and others. The hair produced in our factory has top quality, with a completely preserved cuticle layer, so the hair is elastic and has its natural shine. All processes are carried out manually. This allows for strict quality control.
  • We want you and your customers to feel your best and look your best for the best price! Our mission is to bring healthy-looking, real Remy hair extensions to hair professionals so they can keep clients coming back to them.


  • 100% our products are made of virgin hair and remy hair, NO SYNTHETIC
  • Using the most advanced bleaching and dyeing technology to get premium hair
  • Naturally soft, silky and shiny WITHOUT USING CHEMICALS to make hair transiently smooth
  • It’s a perfect alternative to Slavic hair at a much better price

Our products

Our products are 100% Vietnamese virgin hair, remy hair and chemical-free. Most of the production process is handmade, made by vast experience workers. Our brand supplies all kinds of hair: bulk, tape, keratin (I-tip, flat-tips,…), weft, closure and frontal in variety of textures and colors.

Bulk Hair

Bulk Hair
Bulk Hair
  • Bulk hair presents an excellent choice for skilled wig artisans and innovative hair extension specialists who prefer to craft personalized extensions independently.

What is Bulk Hair? Bulk hair refers to a type of hair extension or hair product where individual strands of hair are bundled together without any specific attachment or weft. In other words, it’s loose hair that hasn’t been sewn or bonded onto a track, tape, or clip. Bulk hair is typically used by professional hairdressers and stylists to create customized extensions, wigs, and other hairpieces.

  • Our hair boasts a 100% Remy composition, free from silicone or improperly dyed strands. It serves as the impeccable foundation for any extension type.
  • Each phase of raw material processing undergoes stringent supervision, ensuring that our offerings rank among the finest available in the market.
  • Within our factory’s hair segment production, we exclusively employ the highest-tier hair quality, characterized by its innate luster and suppleness, complete with preserved cuticles. This renders them amenable to easy manipulation, including dyeing and straightening with heat tools.
  • The texture selection for our hair is versatile, spanning from sleek straightness to gentle waves and vivacious curls, all of which retain a luxuriously soft and sleek composition.
  • See more Nicehairvietnam.com’s Bulk hair HERE!
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Weft hair

Weft hair
Weft hair
  • Weft hair presents a secure and gentle sew-in technique that empowers stylists to seamlessly enhance volume and length, delivering a swift and inventive transformation for clients seeking a refined change.
  • In crafting Weft hair, we meticulously curate natural hair of the esteemed Remy class. Opting for our weave hair guarantees the acquisition of the healthiest, silkiest hair strands.
  • The application of weft hair extensions necessitates no recourse to tapes, glues, or heat. This assortment of hair is machine-sewn together and can be subdivided into smaller segments to suit diverse head shapes.
  • Weft hair serves as a versatile tool to amplify both fullness and length while harmoniously assimilating with your natural hair and its inherent texture
  • See more Nicehairvietnam.com’s Weft hair HERE!

Tape hair

Tape hair
Tape hair
  • Tape hair extensions emerge as an exquisite and uncomplicated means to achieve the allure of naturally long hair, regardless of one’s hair type. This method stands as a favorite amongst stylists and holds its position as the most coveted extension technique within the market due to its tool-free installation, facilitating an astonishingly swift process.

What is Tape Hair? Tape hair, also known as tape-in hair extensions, is a popular method of adding length, volume, and dimension to natural hair. These extensions are made by attaching small wefts of hair to adhesive tape strips, which are then securely adhered to the roots of the client’s own hair. The result is a natural and seamless blend that offers a more voluminous and extended hairstyle.

  • Our tape hair, akin to all our offerings, derives its essence from 100% natural Remy hair, a testament to our unwavering commitment to authenticity and quality.
  • The magic lies in the attachment of these tape extensions to an ultra-thin adhesive tape. This construction not only averts any undue tension but also conforms seamlessly to the contours of the head. As a result, it guarantees an experience of complete comfort, unfaltering performance, and expeditious application.
  • The adhesive tapes are fortified with a polyester adhesive, commonly known as scotch tape. It’s noteworthy that this adhesive is non-allergenic, safeguarding the wearer’s comfort and well-being. If the need arises, removal is a breeze, accomplished with an alcohol-infused solution.
  • The adhesive harnessed for tape extensions mirrors the gentle medical glue employed in various therapeutic applications, including plasters and medical dressings. This amalgamation of science and aesthetics assures not just beauty but a level of care that resonates with the medical realm, a testament to our dedication to both form and function.
  • See more Nicehairvietnam.com’s Keratin Tape hair HERE!

Flat Tip

Flat Tip
Flat Tip
  • Keratin flat-tip hair extensions epitomize endurance and gentleness, offering a straightforward route to achieving the grace of naturally long hair across a spectrum of hair types.
  • Also referred to as pre-bonded hair extensions, flat-tip hair extensions consist of petite hair bundles, each weighing up to 1 gram, meticulously bonded with keratin. The modest weight of each strand renders this extension variant particularly suited for individuals with fine or sparse hair.
  • Individually, these connections on the strands are meticulously crafted within our factory, utilizing the finesse of Italian keratin. Through this labor-intensive manual process, we ensure the preservation of every natural attribute intrinsic to each strand. The protective embrace of the hair’s natural cuticle remains intact, imbuing the hair with elasticity and a distinctive natural sheen.
  • At Nice Hair Viet Nam factory, an expansive gamut of keratin flat-tip shades is at your disposal, ranging from captivating ombre styles to an array of fanciful colors. We understand that beauty embraces a myriad of hues, and we stand ready to cater to every stylistic inclination.
  • See more Nicehairvietnam.com’s Keratin FIat-Tip hair HERE!

Keratin I-Tip

Keratin I-Tip
Keratin I-Tip
  • Keratin I-Tip hair extensions, colloquially referred to as stick-tip hair, have emerged as an ingenious solution for strand-by-strand installation, obviating the need for heat or adhesive application. This innovation is particularly advantageous for those with finer hair textures, providing a hassle-free extension method.
  • Implemented through a meticulous strand-by-strand technique, the installation of these extensions fosters a remarkably natural movement of the hair. This 360-degree flexibility affords wearers the freedom to style their hair up or down without revealing any extension beads. Notably, this technique engenders a secure bond between the strands and your natural hair, ensuring a seamless appearance.
  • At the heart of our offerings lies hair of virgin Remy quality. This classification signifies that the hair remains untouched by chemical alterations, retaining its unadulterated form. The preservation of the hair’s cuticle, with its roots and tips aligned harmoniously, reinforces its authenticity. This inherent unprocessed nature of our hair renders it hypoallergenic, and opens the door for personalized styling experiences, including coloring and curling.
  • The spectrum of possibilities unfurls before you at our Nice Hair Viet Nam factory. Whether you seek extensions in myriad shades or diverse lengths, our realm of Keratin I-Tip hair extensions welcomes your exploration and experimentation. Your vision, our extensions – a harmonious collaboration awaits.
  • See more Nicehairvietnam.com’s Keratin I-Tip hair HERE!

Keratin U-Tip

Keratin U-Tip
Keratin U-Tip
  • Keratin U-Tip hair extensions, often referred to as Nail-tip hair, stand as a remarkable category of human hair extensions characterized by their “U” shape. This distinct contour facilitates application through a process involving the application of heat – a technique more commonly known as Hot Fusion hair extensions.

What is Keratin U-Tip? Keratin U-Tip, also known as Nail-tip, is a type of hair extension method that involves attaching individual hair strands to the natural hair using a keratin adhesive bond. This method is often referred to as “U-Tip” because the keratin bond at the tip of each hair strand is shaped like a “U.”

  • Harnessing the efficacy of keratin capsules, the integration of U-Tip extensions emerges as a discreet and expedient means of attaining the coveted length and density of hair.
  • Within our factory, each connection on the strands undergoes an intricate manual creation process, meticulously shaped from authentic Italian keratin. This deliberate manual approach ensures the preservation of the hair’s inherent attributes. Through this artful handling, the natural qualities of each strand are retained, with the protective embrace of the cuticle remaining intact. This concerted effort ensures that the roots and tips align seamlessly in a unified direction, conferring elasticity and an innate luster.
  • In our commitment to both quality and authenticity, we abstain from the use of chemicals and eschew the application of silicone coatings. Furthermore, each set of extensions is subjected to manual washing before it embarks on its journey to our customers. This meticulous attention to detail culminates in a rigorous quality control process, assuring that only the finest extensions reach our discerning clientele.
  • Our range of hair extensions is more than a discovery; it’s an experience. Irrespective of your preferences or needs, our offerings stand poised to elevate your aesthetic journey, encapsulating the fusion of artistry and craftsmanship in each strand.
  • See more Nicehairvietnam.com’s Keratin U-Tip hair HERE!
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To conclude, the hair market is undergoing a significant transformation, presenting a plethora of opportunities. With the growing number of emerging hair factories, the task of selecting the right Vietnamese hair factory demands careful consideration. Amidst this surge, it’s crucial to exercise caution and wisdom, as some entities lacking hair expertise may seek to deceive and capitalize on others’ ignorance.

Remember that the choice of an apt distributor among the listed wholesale hair distributors in Vietnam serves as the pivotal inception of your journey. A reputable Vietnamese hair factory acts as your steadfast companion, propelling you towards the realization of your goals.

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