Wholesale Human Bulk Hair Extensions

In the world of beauty and self-expression, the allure of hair extensions transcends mere adornment; it’s a canvas for transformation and empowerment. Wholesale Human Bulk Hair Extensions stand as a testament to this transformative power, offering not just strands of hair but a gateway to confidence, versatility, and personal style. These extensions, crafted meticulously with the finest natural human hair, symbolize more than mere enhancement; they embody a commitment to quality, diversity, and the artistry of self-expression. Let us delve deeper into the realm of Wholesale human Bulk Hair extensions.

Nice Hair Vietnam – Wholesale Human Bulk Hair Extensions

At Nice Hair Vietnam, we pride ourselves on being a premier hair manufacturer and vendor located in Vietnam, dedicated to supplying top-quality wholesale hair extensions. Our state-of-the-art factory specializes in crafting premium-grade 100% virgin human bulk hair sourced from regions like Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Burma, and Malaysia, offering both single drawn and double drawn varieties.

What sets our bulk hair apart is its immaculate quality. Each bundle, delicately tied with elastic bands, comprises natural human hair collected from women across diverse cultures. This careful sourcing results in bundles that boast unparalleled smoothness, remarkable shine, a luxuriously soft texture, and exceptional manageability. Our bulk hair is incredibly versatile, easily styled, and can be seamlessly bleached or dyed to match individual preferences.

Nice Hair Vietnam - Wholesale Human Bulk Hair Extensions
Nice Hair Vietnam – Wholesale Human Bulk Hair Extensions

The versatility of our bulk hair knows no bounds. It serves as the foundational material for crafting various types of high-quality hair extensions. From the popular tape-in and clip-in hair extensions to meticulously crafted machine weft hair and versatile keratin hair extensions, including U-tip, I-tip, V-tip, and more, the possibilities are vast.

What is clip-in hair?

Clip-in hair is a type of hair extension designed with small clips attached to wefts of hair. These extensions are created for easy and temporary application, providing the wearer with instant length, volume, or color variation. The clips are typically small, secure, and discreetly designed to attach to the natural hair, allowing users to effortlessly add or remove the extensions without the need for professional assistance or adhesive.

Clip-in hair extensions are available in various lengths, textures, colors, and qualities, catering to different preferences and hair types. They are versatile, allowing individuals to experiment with different hairstyles, from adding subtle highlights to achieving dramatic transformations in a matter of minutes.

These extensions are popular for their convenience and non-permanent nature. They offer wearers the flexibility to enhance their hairstyles for special occasions or daily wear without committing to a permanent change. Additionally, when applied and removed properly, clip-in hair extensions typically cause minimal damage to the natural hair, making them a popular choice among those seeking temporary hair transformations.

Furthermore, our bulk hair collection offers an array of styles for you to choose from. Whether you desire the sleek elegance of straight hair, the gentle allure of body wave hair, the playful bounce of loose curly locks, the defined spirals of deep curly hair, the natural flow of kinky straight hair, or the captivating coils of kinky curly hair, we have options tailored to suit every taste and preference.

At Nice Hair Vietnam, our commitment extends beyond delivering exceptional quality. We prioritize customer satisfaction by ensuring our bulk hair not only meets but exceeds industry standards. We offer a seamless experience, providing hair that inspires confidence, enabling wearers to express themselves effortlessly.

Partner with us and discover a world of limitless possibilities with our premium wholesale human bulk hair extensions. Experience beauty, quality, and versatility like never before.

How many types of bulk hair are there?

Bulk hair, the cornerstone of quality extensions, encompasses two primary classifications: single drawn and double drawn hair, each offering distinct characteristics and benefits.

Single Drawn Hair

Single drawn hair stands as a testament to the meticulous selection and blending of strands sourced directly from individual donors. This distinctive collection of varying hair lengths is a masterpiece in itself, showcasing a harmonious blend of diversity within each strand.

The Essence of Diversity:

Picture this: within a bundle, such as 16 inches of straight hair, you’ll find a captivating blend of lengths. Around 30-50% of the bundle comprises the true 16-inch hair you seek, while the remaining 70% consists of shorter strands. This intentional mixture creates a mesmerizing tapestry of lengths within each bundle, ensuring a natural and organic appearance.

Crafting Natural Elegance:

The beauty of single drawn hair lies in its ability to mimic the natural tapering effect observed in genuine human hair. From the top, where strands exhibit a thicker profile, to the gradual thinning towards the ends, this artful arrangement mirrors the texture and growth pattern of naturally growing hair. This deliberate composition results in a seamless integration with one’s existing hair, rendering a realistic and authentic appearance.

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A Symphony of Realism:

Imagine the way natural hair naturally varies in length and texture. Single drawn hair imitates this variability impeccably, ensuring that the extensions harmonize effortlessly with your own locks. This carefully orchestrated blend does more than add length and volume; it creates a visual symphony that complements and enhances your natural beauty.

The Art of Blending:

Whether seeking subtle enhancements or transformative styles, single drawn hair offers versatility. Its blend of lengths and textures allows for effortless styling, providing wearers with the freedom to experiment and create various looks while maintaining a consistent and natural appeal.

At Nice Hair Vietnam, our commitment to excellence extends to our single drawn hair extensions. Immerse yourself in the artistry of our meticulously crafted extensions, designed not just to adorn but to enhance your natural beauty, effortlessly blending with your unique style.

Nice Hair Vietnam – Wholesale Human Bulk Hair Extensions

Double Drawn Hair

In the world of hair extensions, double drawn hair represents the pinnacle of uniformity and lush thickness. The hallmark of this exceptional collection lies in its deliberate curation to ensure an almost uniform length within each bundle.

The Pursuit of Consistency:

Imagine an 18-inch double drawn hair bundle. Within this bundle, you’ll find an impressive 70-90% of genuine 18-inch strands, accompanied by a mere 10-30% of shorter strands expertly interspersed. This deliberate composition results in a bundle that exudes remarkable thickness from top to bottom.

Crafting Symmetry:

The beauty of double drawn hair lies in its near-consistent length throughout the bundle. This deliberate selection and arrangement create a symphony of strands that boast a consistent, voluminous appearance, akin to naturally thick and healthy hair.

The Art of Selection:

Crafting double drawn hair is an art form that demands precision and care. To achieve this uniformity, Sunny Hair Vietnam meticulously sources hair from different donors, carefully selecting strands that match in length. This meticulous selection process ensures that the majority of strands within each bundle align closely in length, contributing to the bundle’s overall thickness and opulence.

Unmatched Versatility:

The uniformity of double drawn hair offers wearers unparalleled versatility. Whether creating voluminous styles or intricate designs, the consistent length throughout the bundle provides a seamless canvas for various styling options, ensuring a polished and refined end result.

At Nice Hair Vietnam, our commitment to excellence reflects in our double drawn hair extensions. Experience the luxury of uniformity and volume with our meticulously crafted extensions, designed to elevate your style and confidence with their consistent, thick, and opulent appearance.

What makes our Bulk Hair become our best selling product?

Nice Hair Vietnam - Wholesale Human Bulk Hair Extensions
Nice Hair Vietnam – Wholesale Human Bulk Hair Extensions

Our bulk hair stands as the epitome of quality and versatility, setting the standard for premium extensions. Here’s why it’s our top-selling product:

  • Unparalleled Quality: We pride ourselves on sourcing the finest Remy natural human hair. From straight to wavy and curly textures, available in an array of natural colors and varying lengths (30cm to 80cm and beyond), our collection caters to diverse preferences.
  • Pure Human Hair: Every strand in our bulk hair collection is 100% real human hair, meticulously selected and maintained as virgin remy hair of the highest quality.
  • Luxurious Texture: The hallmark of our bulk hair is its remarkable shine, silkiness, smoothness, and softness, ensuring an indulgent feel with every touch.
  • Impeccable Cuticles: With full cuticles aligned meticulously from top to bottom, our bulk hair guarantees no presence of shorter strands within, offering a consistently sleek and natural appearance.
  • Versatile Styling: Our bulk hair is exceptionally easy to bleach, dye, or style, promising longevity without compromising its inherent quality.
  • Unprocessed Excellence: Free from any chemical treatments, our bulk hair is inherently tangle-free, shedding-resistant, and devoid of lice or nits, ensuring a hassle-free experience for wearers.
  • Ample Stock Selection: We maintain abundant stock levels, featuring popular styles like natural straight, body wave, deep wave, and curly textures, readily available to meet your demands.

Introducing Nice Hair Vietnam:

At Nice Hair Vietnam, we stand as a direct-to-customer Human Hair Factory nestled in Vietnam, ensuring authenticity and quality in every strand:

  • Ethically Sourced: Our commitment lies in responsibly collecting cuticle-aligned RAW hair from healthy donors, promoting fair and free sourcing practices.
  • Customization: Embrace a wide spectrum of colors and lengths tailored to your preferences. Additionally, enjoy the privilege of free logo tag/sticker/bag printing for your brand.
  • Efficient Shipping: We prioritize your convenience by offering swift and secure shipping options through DHL, UPS, FedEx, SF. Free shipping is available upon request for substantial B2B orders.
  • Secure Payment Methods: Experience a hassle-free transaction process with our safe and convenient payment terms, including OnePay, Paypal, Western Union, Bank Transfer.

Partner with Nice Hair Vietnam to elevate your hair extension business. Discover the artistry, authenticity, and reliability encapsulated in our premium bulk hair extensions.

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