How to find the best wholesale virgin hair vendors?

The list of the best wholesale virgin hair vendors is a valuable resource for those seeking high-quality hair products in bulk. Whether you’re a salon owner, hairstylist, or simply someone in search of premium virgin hair extensions, this compilation highlights the top suppliers in the industry. In this guide, we’ll explore the names and details of these trusted vendors, helping you make informed decisions and ensure that your customers or clients receive only the finest, unprocessed hair extensions.

What is hair vendors? Hair vendors typically refers to businesses or individuals who sell hair products, particularly hair extensions, wigs, weaves, or bundles of human hair, to customers or other businesses in bulk. These vendors source their hair from various origins, such as human donors, and offer a range of hair types, qualities, and textures to cater to the needs of their customers.

What are the top wholesale virgin hair vendors?

To identify a reputable hair vendor, pay close attention to the following key characteristics:

  • First and foremost, one of the most critical factors is the wholesale pricing they offer. It’s essential that the wholesale prices are competitive and advantageous for your business. Selling wholesale, whether to local retail stores or online customers, should provide you with a significant profit margin compared to retail pricing.
  • Quality is paramount when evaluating hair vendors. Whether you’re purchasing hair in bulk or in smaller quantities, insist on the highest quality products. Ensuring top-notch quality is essential for customer satisfaction and building a reputable brand. Look for vendors that consistently offer premium hair products.
  • Another crucial aspect is the vendor’s inventory. A reliable hair vendor should have a substantial amount of hair readily available to ensure timely order fulfillment, especially for large orders. This is particularly important if your business deals with high-volume orders or has customers with specific requests.
  • Finally, excellent communication and punctuality are non-negotiable when dealing with the best hair vendors. Make sure the vendor is responsive and can address your inquiries promptly. Being able to resolve any issues quickly and efficiently is vital. Remember that even a single instance of late delivery can result in losing a customer permanently.
Hair vendors typically refers to businesses or individuals who sell hair products
Hair vendors typically refers to businesses or individuals who sell hair products

How to find good vendors?

  • Experiment with different Brands: If you’re starting a hair business, it’s crucial to explore various brands of hair products to determine which ones best suit your customers. Consider trying both affordable options and higher-priced ones to gauge their quality and customer appeal.
  • Prioritize quality as a hair specialist: If you’re a professional hairstylist or specialist, prioritize working with an excellent virgin hair vendors. Your clients rely on your expertise and recommendations. Subpar hair quality can negatively impact your business and lead to customer dissatisfaction or loss.
  • Seek a trustworthy hair weave vendor: If you’re looking to switch hair weave vendors, focus on finding a supplier that offers good quality human hair at a reasonable price. Consider sourcing your hair from a hair factory, as their prices are often more competitive compared to those of hair trading companies.

Where to find the best wholesale virgin hair vendors?

Online wholesale virgin hair vendor sites

One option is to scour online wholesale platforms like Aliexpress, Alibaba, Ebay, or Amazon. These websites are known for their extensive product offerings, including various types of hair extensions and bundles. However, it’s important to be aware that suppliers who list their products on these large-scale online marketplaces often incur fees and commissions. These fees are typically passed on to the customers in the form of slightly higher prices. While this can mean a higher cost per unit, it also provides a convenient and accessible way to connect with multiple vendors and explore a wide range of hair products in one place.

Direct purchases from hair factories or distribution stores

  • The second, and arguably the most popular, approach is to buy directly from well-established hair factories or official hair distribution stores. This method has several advantages. Firstly, purchasing directly from the source often results in more competitive wholesale prices. Without the intermediary fees associated with online marketplaces, customers can enjoy cost savings that are typically not available when buying from third-party platforms.
  • Additionally, buying directly from reputable hair factories or official distribution stores tends to provide greater assurance of quality and authenticity. Established businesses have a reputation to uphold and are more likely to offer genuine virgin hair products, reducing the risk of counterfeit or subpar goods.
  • Furthermore, when dealing with hair factories, customers often have the opportunity to customize their orders to a greater extent. This includes choosing specific hair textures, lengths, and colors to meet their unique requirements.
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What qualification should the company have if you need to cooperate?

When considering a potential company for cooperation in the wholesale virgin hair business, several essential qualifications should be taken into account. These qualifications ensure a fruitful and reliable partnership for both parties involved.

Official and legal certificates: It’s paramount that the company possesses official and legal certificates related to its business operations. These certificates can include business licenses, permits, and compliance with industry regulations. Such documentation demonstrates the company’s commitment to ethical and legal practices, providing a level of trust and confidence for potential partners.

Security and product return policy: The company’s security measures and product return policy are crucial factors in building a reputable partnership. A robust security system ensures the protection of sensitive data, especially in online transactions. Additionally, a clear and customer-friendly product return policy not only enhances the company’s reputation but also instills confidence in customers, as they know they can seek recourse if the products do not meet their expectations.

Factory and trading company: Selecting a hair factory over a trading company for your wholesale virgin hair needs offers a host of compelling advantages. Firstly, it grants you superior control over the production process and quality assurance. Hair factories take a hands-on approach, meticulously monitoring and upholding stringent product standards. This results in a consistent and dependable supply of top-tier virgin hair products, instilling confidence in customers regarding quality and authenticity. Furthermore, hair factories provide an abundant supply of products, ensuring that customers are not constrained by quantity limitations. Whether your business necessitates a small or substantial volume of products, a factory is adept at accommodating your requirements efficiently. One of the most appealing aspects of partnering with a factory is the competitive pricing it affords. Unlike trading companies that often apply markups, factories offer more cost-effective pricing structures. These savings can be substantial, particularly for businesses operating within stringent budget constraints. Direct communication with the manufacturer is another pivotal advantage. Collaborating with a factory facilitates seamless communication, allowing for customization options and swift responses to inquiries or concerns. This direct interaction fosters a personalized and cooperative relationship between you and the supplier. Lastly, factories are well-equipped to accommodate customization requests, whether they involve specific hair textures, lengths, colors, or packaging options. This level of flexibility empowers you to tailor your orders to align precisely with the unique demands of your business and clientele. In essence, choosing a hair factory as your wholesale virgin hair supplier ensures not only superior quality and reliability but also enhanced affordability, communication, and customization possibilities

Selecting a hair factory over a trading company for your wholesale virgin hair needs offers a host of compelling advantages
Selecting a hair factory over a trading company for your wholesale virgin hair needs offers a host of compelling advantages

Need to know about the wholesale virgin hair vendors you’re buying from

Orders and reviews

  • Orders and Reviews: The number of orders a vendor has completed and their customer reviews serve as critical indicators of their trustworthiness and the quality of their products and services.
  • Minimum 300 Orders: A vendor with a minimum of 300 completed orders demonstrates experience and reliability. It suggests that they have been in business for a considerable period and have successfully served a substantial number of customers. This can instill confidence in potential buyers, knowing they are dealing with an established seller.
  • High Rating of 93% or More: The vendor’s rating, often expressed as a percentage, is a direct reflection of customer satisfaction. A high rating of 93% or more signifies that the majority of customers have had positive experiences with the vendor’s products and services. It demonstrates a commitment to quality and customer care.
  • Numerous Positive Reviews: It’s crucial to pay attention to the quality and quantity of reviews. A vendor with numerous positive reviews from satisfied customers indicates a consistent track record of meeting or exceeding customer expectations. These reviews can provide valuable insights into the product’s quality, durability, and overall satisfaction.
  • Reliability and Customer Satisfaction: Vendors with a strong order history and positive reviews are more likely to be reliable partners. They have demonstrated their ability to deliver on their promises, ensuring that customers receive the products they expect in a timely manner. This reliability is a key factor in building a successful and lasting business relationship.
Vendors with a strong order history and positive reviews are more likely to be reliable partners
Vendors with a strong order history and positive reviews are more likely to be reliable partners

YouTube reviews

Vendor’s online presence: Start by investigating the vendor’s online presence. This includes checking their website and social media profiles. A reputable vendor often has an active and professional online presence, which can instill confidence in potential buyers. It demonstrates that the vendor is serious about their business and is likely to be more reliable.

Review videos on YouTube: YouTube is a valuable platform for finding firsthand information about a hair vendor’s products and services. Look for review videos specifically related to the vendor or their products. These videos often provide a visual and detailed assessment of the hair quality, packaging, shipping experience, and customer service. Watching such reviews can give you a clearer understanding of what to expect when dealing with a particular vendor.

Unsponsored review videos: While sponsored review videos can offer useful insights, it’s often more beneficial to seek out unsponsored review videos. Unsponsored reviews are less likely to be influenced by monetary incentives from the vendor, providing a more unbiased and honest perspective from real customers. These reviews can highlight both the strengths and weaknesses of the vendor’s products and services, helping you make a more informed decision.

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Unbiased opinions: When watching YouTube reviews, pay attention to the reviewers’ opinions and experiences. Look for common themes in their assessments. Are customers consistently satisfied with the hair quality and customer service, or are there recurring issues that raise concerns? Assessing unbiased opinions from multiple sources can provide a well-rounded view of the vendor’s reputation.

Start by investigating the vendor's online presence. This includes checking their website and social media profiles.
Start by investigating the vendor’s online presence is includes checking their website and social media profiles.

Reviews with pictures

  • Visual evidence: Reviews that feature images of the purchased hair products offer a level of visual evidence that words alone cannot convey. These images showcase the actual texture, color, length, and overall appearance of the hair, allowing potential buyers to assess the product’s quality firsthand.
  • Quality assessment: By examining images in reviews, you can make a more accurate assessment of the hair’s quality. Look for details such as the hair’s luster, natural shine, and absence of tangles or frizz. These visual cues can help you gauge whether the hair meets your specific requirements and standards.
  • Appearance verification: Images in reviews help verify the product’s appearance against the vendor’s descriptions and claims. This verification is especially crucial when purchasing virgin hair, as authenticity and adherence to the advertised qualities are paramount.
  • Customer satisfaction: Images can also reflect the customer’s overall satisfaction with the hair products. If reviewers post pictures of themselves wearing or styling the hair, it provides a glimpse into how well the hair holds up and meets their expectations.
  • Real-World usage: Images in reviews provide a glimpse of how the hair performs in real-world usage. For example, if customers share pictures of the hair after washing, styling, or coloring, it can give insights into the hair’s durability and versatility.
  • Objective evaluation: While written reviews can be subjective, images offer a more objective evaluation of the product. Visual evidence is less prone to interpretation, allowing potential buyers to make informed decisions based on concrete information.

Unprocessed hair

  • Quality assurance: Unprocessed hair, often referred to as “virgin” hair, is hair that has not undergone any chemical treatments, such as dyeing, bleaching, or perming. Choosing unprocessed hair ensures that you receive hair in its most natural state, which is often associated with higher quality.
  • Natural texture and color: Unprocessed hair retains its natural texture and color, reflecting the characteristics of the donor’s hair. This means that you can expect the hair to have its original softness, shine, and color tone. This natural appearance is highly desirable for achieving a realistic and seamless look.
  • Durability: Unprocessed hair tends to be more durable than pre-treated hair. Chemical treatments, such as bleaching or coloring, can weaken the hair’s structure and lead to issues like dryness, breakage, and reduced lifespan. Unprocessed hair typically offers better longevity and resistance to damage.
  • Versatility: Unprocessed hair provides greater versatility for styling and customization. You have the freedom to dye, bleach, or style the hair according to your preferences without concerns about adverse reactions or color changes. This flexibility allows you to achieve various looks and styles.
  • Natural blending: If you plan to use the hair for extensions or wigs, unprocessed hair blends seamlessly with your natural hair, as it closely matches the texture and color. This creates a more natural and undetectable appearance.
  • Risk avoidance: Pre-treated hair, such as pre-ombre or bleached hair, carries inherent risks. The quality of these treatments can vary, and subpar treatments can result in inconsistent color, damage, or undesirable effects. Opting for unprocessed hair minimizes these risks and ensures a more reliable product.

Years in business

  • Stability and reliability: The tenure of a hair vendor within the industry is a powerful testament to their stability and reliability. Vendors with a long history have likely navigated through various market fluctuations and industry challenges, demonstrating their resilience and capacity to maintain a sustainable and consistent business presence.
  • Industry experience: Years in business equate to invaluable industry experience. Vendors with an extensive operational history tend to have accumulated profound insights into customer preferences, quality control methodologies, and effective business practices. This wealth of experience often translates into a higher level of expertise and professionalism, ensuring that customers receive products and services of the highest caliber.
  • Established reputation: A vendor’s enduring presence in the market significantly contributes to their reputation. Those with a long history are more likely to have cultivated a solid and reputable image grounded in the delivery of quality products and unwavering customer satisfaction. Positive word-of-mouth referrals and repeat business from contented customers are frequent hallmarks of a trustworthy vendor with a time-tested reputation.
  • Consistency: Longevity in the industry is indicative of a steadfast commitment to consistency. Vendors that have withstood the test of time are more likely to have upheld consistent standards in product quality, customer service, and ethical business conduct. This steadfast consistency is a valuable asset for customers in search of dependable and trustworthy suppliers.
  • Adaptability: Surviving and thriving in a competitive market necessitates adaptability. Vendors with a substantial history in the industry have likely adapted to evolving trends, emerging technologies, and shifting customer demands. Consequently, they are better equipped to offer products and services that align with contemporary industry standards and evolving customer expectations.
  • Investment in the Business: A vendor’s prolonged presence in the market may signify substantial investments in their business infrastructure. These investments often include the development of robust production facilities, rigorous quality control processes, and responsive customer support systems. Such commitments further enhance the vendor’s capabilities, ensuring a more comprehensive and reliable supply chain.
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The tenure of whosale hair vendors within the industry is a powerful testament to their stability and reliability.
The tenure of a hair vendor within the industry is a powerful testament to their stability and reliability

Contact and service

When evaluating potential wholesale virgin hair vendors, it’s essential to delve into their “About Us” or “About” page with care. This step allows you to glean valuable insights into their business ethos and operational principles. Furthermore, it’s prudent to ascertain whether the vendor offers responsive customer service channels such as phone or email. This availability indicates their dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction and providing robust support when needed. By scrutinizing these aspects, you can make a well-informed decision when selecting a supplier, one that aligns with your business needs and values exceptional customer service

Return policy

A well-regarded vendor should offer a transparent and equitable return policy. This policy serves as a testament to their belief in the quality of their merchandise. It is essential to ascertain whether they permit returns and the associated terms and conditions. Additionally, it’s vital to understand if they provide the option for a complete refund (with the exclusion of shipping fees) for hair products that remain unaltered. A robust and customer-friendly return policy not only fosters trust but also demonstrates the vendor’s commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction.

Shipping speed

When assessing a potential wholesale virgin hair vendors, it’s imperative to inquire about the expected shipping timeframe for your order. The speed and reliability of shipping play a pivotal role, particularly for projects or businesses with time-sensitive requirements. Timely delivery ensures that your hair products arrive when needed, enabling you to meet deadlines, maintain customer satisfaction, and uphold the efficiency of your operations. Therefore, understanding the vendor’s shipping process and their commitment to prompt delivery is a vital aspect of making an informed choice when selecting a supplier


The quest for the best wholesale virgin hair vendors entails careful consideration of numerous factors, including product quality, customer reviews, vendor reputation, and business practices. By paying attention to these critical aspects, you can confidently identify and partner with suppliers who not only provide top-notch hair products but also exhibit reliability, professionalism, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. This strategic approach ensures that your business benefits from a dependable and reputable wholesale vendor, setting the stage for success in the vibrant world of virgin hair commerce. Hope the following article will help you understand better the list of the best wholesale virgin hair vendors. If you are interested, please visit the website NICEHAIRVIETNAM  for more details.

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