Indian curly hair extensions

Indian curly hair extensions

We all understand how important hair is in achieving beautiful appearances, which is why we put in so much work to get it. However, some hairstyling approaches might cause concerns since they can seriously impact your natural hair. For example, harsh chemicals from hair coloring dye or the excessive heat of curling or straightening hair tools can cause your real hair damage, breakage or even hair loss while you are on the journey of beautifying you hair. With Indian curly hair extensions, you can get the greatest hairstyles quickly and simply without committing to trading off your real hair health and strength. And if you are interested in this type of Indian hair extensions, just read this post for a deeper understanding!

Overview of Indian curly hair extensions

Indian curly hair extensions
Indian curly hair extensions


What is Indian curly hair extensions? Indian curly hair extensions are hair extensions made from natural human hair sourced from India. These extensions are designed to mimic the natural curly texture of Indian hair, which is known for its softness, thickness, and versatility. Indian hair is highly prized in the hair extension industry due to its quality and durability.

Curly hair extensions sourced from Indian are typically available in various lengths, from short to long, and are available in different curl patterns to suit individual preferences. The curls can range from loose waves to tight coils, offering a wide range of styling options.

This type of Indian hair extensions are highly sought-after for their exceptional style and beauty-enhancing qualities. Renowned for their voluminous nature, natural waves, and impressive thickness, these extensions offer remarkable results. 

And to discover further the characteristics of this hair extensions, let’s follow the following section below!


Curly hair extensions sourced from Indian are a remarkable product that effortlessly combines style and pulchritude, ensuring excellent results for anyone seeking to enhance their hair’s appearance. These extensions have gained immense popularity in the world of hair extensions due to their exceptional thickness, natural wave, and the ability to add incredible volume to your tresses.

  • One of the standout features of Indian curly hair extensions is their thickness. These extensions are known for their abundant strands, which provide a luxurious and full-bodied look to your hairstyle. The thick texture not only adds volume but also creates a sense of richness and opulence, making your hair appear fuller and more luscious.
  • In addition to their thickness, curly hair extensions which was sourced from Indian offer a natural wave that exudes an effortless beauty. The soft, bouncy curls have a charming and elegant appeal, enhancing your overall appearance and adding a touch of sophistication to any hairstyle. Whether you prefer loose waves or tighter coils, these extensions offer a range of curl patterns to suit your individual style and preferences.
  • Furthermore, the ability of curly hair extensions which was sourced from Indian is to add volume is truly remarkable. If you have fine or thin hair, these extensions can work wonders in transforming your hair into a voluminous and enviable mane. By seamlessly blending with your natural hair, the extensions create a cohesive look while adding dimension and body. The result is a hairstyle that turns heads and leaves a lasting impression.
  • When it comes to styling versatility, this Indian hair extensions offer endless possibilities. You can easily dye, straighten, or style these extensions just like your natural hair, allowing you to experiment with different looks and adapt to any occasion. From glamorous updos to cascading curls, the versatility of these extensions ensures that you can effortlessly achieve the desired hairstyle that perfectly suits your mood and style.
Indian hair is voluminous, thin and prone to be dry
Indian hair is voluminous, thin and prone to be dry

The benefits of curly hair extensions which was sourced from Indian go far beyond what meets the eye. These extensions have the power to transform your personality and effortlessly make you look stunning whenever you desire. By incorporating them into your hair routine, you stay ahead of the curve when it comes to style, attractiveness, and overall personality, ensuring that you always exude an amazing aura.

Why is this hair Indian curly hair extensions so popular?

The popularity of Indian curly hair extensions stems from their exquisite texture and naturally dark shade, making them a perfect choice for hair weaving applications. The lovely texture of these extensions adds a touch of elegance and allure to any hairstyle. Whether you desire soft and bouncy curls or more defined coils, curly hair extensions which was sourced from Indian can be groomed to achieve the exact appearance you desire, allowing you to unleash your creativity and experiment with different looks.

  • This type of Indian hair extensions offer more than just a natural look; they possess all the qualities you desire in hair. By adorning this type of hair, you have the power to make a bold fashion statement and stand out wherever you go. Not only does it add a fashionable edge to your personality, but its enduring beauty will captivate attention for an extended period.
  • These extensions enhance your appearance in various styles and colors, providing you with the versatility to create captivating looks effortlessly. Moreover, they possess fantastic qualities that imbue your hair with a stunning and pulchritudinous appearance. With these extensions, you can proudly flaunt your beautiful hair and the luscious strands in the most splendid manner imaginable.
  • Wearing Indian hair extensions which especially has curl patterns gives you a distinctive style that embraces your entire being. It transforms your appearance and enables you to showcase a stunning and head-turning style. Embracing this hairstyle not only enhances your confidence but also allows you to make a bold statement in any setting you find yourself in.
  • The incredible benefits of these extensions extend beyond aesthetics. They also encourage proper hair care, ensuring that your hair remains in excellent condition. Additionally, these extensions provide a subtle yet striking aesthetic that allows you to stand out in unique contexts while maintaining your position at the forefront of fashion trends in a flawless manner.
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Considering quality and prices of Indian curly hair extensions

When you done Indian curly hair extensions, you embrace an irresistible charm that endures throughout time. With these extensions, you gain access to a plethora of captivating styles that are effortless to experiment with. Moreover, you attain an unparalleled allure that remains unmatched for an extended period.


Curly hair extensions which was sourced from Indian boast a natural wavy texture and are available in shades of black and dark brown. These extensions derive from the ample supply of Indian hair obtained through the customary tonsuring ritual in Hindu temples. If you are fortunate enough to acquire genuine Indian hair, you can expect it to be of high quality. However, a prevalent concern is that a significant portion of Indian curly hair extensions is exported to China, where they are blended with cheaper Asian hair and subjected to intensive processing, which compromises their integrity.

  • It’s important to note that Indian hair, particularly curly hair, tends to have a slight dryness to it. This characteristic contributes to the longevity of Indian curly hair extensions. Therefore, if you perceive a lack of softness in your Indian curly hair extensions, there is no cause for concern. The dryness of the hair actually helps the curls retain their shape for an extended period, often exceeding a year.
  • To enhance the softness and luster of your Indian hair extensions which especially has curl patterns, you can apply treatments specifically designed for this purpose. Alternatively, familiarizing yourself with proper care techniques for Indian curly hair extensions can go a long way in maintaining their beauty and longevity.


The quantity and length of hair extensions play a significant role in determining the price of Indian curly hair extensions. As the hair becomes longer and thicker, the price tends to increase accordingly. Hair factories in India typically produce hair extensions in the range of 8 to 20 inches for straight hair, while bone straight and curly hair extensions can vary in length from 8 to 30 inches. If you require hair that exceeds the typical length range, you can expect the cost to be higher due to the additional length.

  • In order to meet the demands of customers seeking curly hair extensions which was sourced from Indian that are 30 inches or longer, hair manufacturers may need to import extensions from countries like Vietnam and China. Consequently, the cost of exceptionally long Indian curly hair extensions in India is considerably higher.
  • For hair extensions that require thickness, such as curly extensions, the price increases with the amount of hair needed. Typically, when purchasing weft hair extensions, sellers provide bundles of 100 grams. Similarly, for wig wearers, sellers offer bundles based on the requested hair volume and length. Therefore, when ordering Indian curly hair extensions, whether in India or other countries, it’s important to communicate your desired hair volume and length to receive the most accurate estimate.
  • In the hair extensions industry, this type of Indian hair extensions fall within a reasonable price range, neither too cheap nor too expensive. This makes India a preferred destination for many wholesalers who purchase hair extensions. India exports a significant amount of hair extensions, second only to China. The quality of Indian hair caters to the needs of middle-class users.
  • While the cost of Indian hair extensions which especially has curl patterns is reasonable, it’s worth noting that they may not last as long as Vietnamese hair extensions. India holds a prominent position in global hair extension production. However, meeting the expectations of all hair consumers can be challenging due to variations in the quality of hair extensions and the hair supplied by local individuals.

Caring for the Indian curly hair extensions

Indian hair extensions which especially has curl patterns are crafted exclusively from organic Indian curls, which have not undergone any steam treatment. These extensions are delivered to you in their natural state, directly from the source, ensuring that the curls remain authentic and untouched. This exceptional quality allows you to enjoy long-lasting curls throughout your ownership of the hair. Achieving a stunning, star-like appearance with curly locks requires dedicated effort, and Indian curly hair extensions provide the ideal foundation for achieving that desired look.

With these extensions, you have the freedom to experiment with various hairstyles, knowing that the softness and unique curl pattern will be maintained. However, it is crucial to familiarize yourself with proper care techniques for Indian curly hair extensions to ensure their longevity. By following the recommended care instructions, you can keep your hair extensions in optimal condition and extend their lifespan, allowing you to enjoy beautiful, long-lasting curls for an extended period.


Washing is an essential step in hair care routine
Washing is an essential step in hair care routine

New customers who opt forthis type of  hair extensions are often taken aback by the specific maintenance needs associated with these collections. However, we are here to guide you with essential instructions to ensure that you understand how to properly care for your curly hair extensions. By following these guidelines, you can keep your extensions healthy, strong, and in optimal condition, regardless of the specific type of Indian curly hair extensions you have chosen to adorn your hair.

  • To maintain the health and longevity of your Indian hair extensions which especially has curl patterns, it is recommended to shampoo and condition them at least once a week using a reputable deep conditioner from a trusted product line. Avoid rubbing or piling the extensions together while washing, as this can cause unnecessary stress and breakage to the delicate curly hair. Instead, divide your hair into sections and apply the shampoo to your scalp, gently squeezing it along the lengths of your extensions. Rinse the hair extensions in sections as well, ensuring thorough cleansing.
  • As Indian curly hair extensions lack the natural oils produced by the scalp, some shampoos may be too harsh for them. To counteract this, it is advisable to pre-condition your extensions before washing. Simply soak the hair and apply conditioner without rinsing it out. Afterward, proceed with the regular shampooing and conditioning process.
  • Once you have washed your hair, be sure to rinse it thoroughly and handle it with care during the drying process. Gently pat or squeeze the hair to remove excess water, avoiding any rubbing or friction that can lead to breakage. When drying, allow the hair to fall in a downward motion, preventing it from rubbing against other hair strands.
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Specific hair care

Proper care is essential to maintain the beauty and longevity of your Indian curly hair extensions. Here are some specific guidelines to ensure you provide the best care for your extensions:

  • After cleaning your Indian curly hair extensions and ensuring they are slightly damp, divide them into small sections. Use a wide-toothed comb or brush to carefully comb through each section, detangling any knots or tangles. Apply a leave-in conditioner with curl activation properties to your hair immediately. Since your curls have a natural ability to form, you won’t need to use excessive amounts of product on your Indian curly hair extensions.
  • When combing your Indian hair extensions which especially has curl patterns, exercise caution and invest in a high-quality comb or brush. Avoid forcefully pulling or ripping the hair. Instead, use a wide-toothed comb to gently detangle the hair while it is still moist and coated with conditioner.
  • It’s important to refrain from scrunching or squeezing your Indian curly hair extensions with your hands, as this can cause the cuticles to become damaged. Instead, run your fingers through small sections of the hair, from roots to ends. This process should be relatively easy since you have already gently brushed the hair. If your hair is not overly wet, you can shake it back and forth to enhance the natural curl formation.
  • Allowing your Indian curly hair extensions to air dry as much as possible is highly recommended to maintain their strength and prevent frizz. Remember that heat can be detrimental to your hair, as it dries it out and promotes frizz. Regularly conditioning your hair with a suitable conditioner will keep it nourished and healthy. However, avoid overusing conditioner as it can lead to greasy hair and scalp. Deep conditioning your hair three to four times a month can also contribute to the longevity of your extensions.

Tips to style with protection

If you desire glossy and shiny Indian curly hair extensions, consider these helpful tips:

  • Use a low heat setting with a diffuser: When styling your curls, utilize a blow dryer with a diffuser attachment set on low heat. Avoid using high heat settings that can potentially damage the tips of the hair. Overheating can lead to breakage and the loss of essential nutrients.
  • Straightening with caution: If you prefer straightened hair, you can use straighteners on your Indian curly hair extensions. However, it’s crucial to follow up with a deep conditioning treatment during your next hair wash or use a product that helps maintain the health of your hair while straightening. When you’re ready to revert to your curly style or wash your hair again, ensure it dries completely, and your curls will naturally bounce back.
  • Embrace versatility: With Indian curly hair extensions, you can embrace various styles. Whether you want to rock sassy and charming curls or channel the vibe of a famous diva during a night out, extensions offer versatility. Remember to treat your tresses with care, regardless of the style you choose. By following proper hair care practices, your extensions will remain beautiful and healthy.

Other notices to improve durability while using and preserving

To enhance the longevity of your curly hair extensions which was especially sourced from Indian, it’s beneficial to have knowledge about various aspects such as texture, color, and more. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Texture: Indian hair has a versatile range of natural textures, including straight, deep curls, and slight waves. While specific curl patterns may be challenging to find, it’s important to note that Indian hair is adaptable and can be easily straightened or curled using flat irons or curling tongs.
  • Color: Curly hair extensions which was sourced from Indian come in a variety of natural tones, ranging from dark brown to black and everything in between. There is no standardized color code for Indian hair, as it is not subjected to artificial coloring or bleaching. Some color variation may exist between bundles. To enhance the volume of your hair, you can consult with a professional hairdresser who can expertly blend two bundles with minimal color difference.
  • Hair care: Taking care of your Indian hair extensions which especially has curl patterns is similar to caring for your natural hair. Regularly brush your hair to prevent tangles. It’s important to use a good-quality shampoo and conditioner, especially if you use a lot of hair styling products. These products can leave residue or build-up on your hair, affecting its quality. By treating your Indian curly hair extensions with care, you can enjoy silky, sleek, and tangle-free hair for an extended period. You can style your extensions as desired and reuse them multiple times.
  • Quantity: For bonding, one pack of hair can last 3-5 years. If you prefer weaving, you’ll need to purchase two bundles of hair for a full sew-in weave. It’s always recommended to have extra hair on hand, as it has no expiration date. If you have long hair, consider getting a third pack. The quantity of hair required also depends on the desired style and volume. For a celebrity-like volume and layered look, you may need 3-4 packs of hair.
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By acquiring a comprehensive understanding of the various factors associated with texture, color, hair care, and quantity, you possess the knowledge to maximize the longevity and overall satisfaction of your Indian curly hair extensions.

The longevity and strength of your Indian hair extensions which especially has curl patterns rely on the maintenance and care you provide. By adopting proper care practices, you can ensure that your hair extensions remain resilient, healthy, and beautiful for an extended period of time. If you prioritize durability and elegance in your hair extensions, exploring the option of Indian curly hair extensions and applying the below detailed guidance on how to take care of your Indian curly hair extensions is highly recommended.

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