Indian hair extensions price: explain the affordability

Indian hair extensions price: explain the affordability

Hair products encompass a wide range of options, including different types of hair and varying qualities. One of the most prevalent choices in the market is hair extensions. However, before delving into the Indian hair extensions price, it is crucial to familiarize ourselves with the basic definition right below.

Overview of Indian hair

Indian hair extensions
Indian hair extensions


What is Indian hair extensionns? Indian hair extensions refer to hair extensions that are sourced from India. They are made from human hair collected from individuals in India, typically from temples where people donate their hair as part of religious rituals. Hair extensions in India have a fascinating background deeply rooted in the hair industry.

Within the country, a significant portion of the population partakes in an ancient religious tradition. On auspicious days of prayer, individuals willingly donate their own hair to sacred temples as an act of devotion to the deities. These donations are made without any expectation of financial gain or personal compensation.

After gathering a substantial amount of donor hair, the temple administrators proceed to sell it to hair vendors and manufacturers specializing in hair extensions within India. The proceeds generated from the sale of the shaved hair are utilized for various noble causes, such as supporting social welfare initiatives or benefiting the local community. This virtuous cycle ensures that the act of donating hair contributes to the greater good of society.

Once in the hands of hair extension manufacturers, the collected hair undergoes meticulous processing in factories to create products of the highest quality. These manufacturers strive to uphold rigorous standards to deliver exceptional hair extensions to the market, bearing the legacy of the sacred hair donation tradition in India.


Indian hair extensions price varies based on types of hair
Indian hair extensions price varies based on types of hair

In India, hair extensions is categorized into three primary types, each with its own distinct characteristics and corresponding price range:

  • Virgin Indian Hair: This type of Indian hair is sourced from a single donor, ensuring that it is not mixed with hair from other individuals. It is collected in its natural state without undergoing any prior processing. As a result, Virgin Indian hair is considered 100% pure and carries the highest price tag among all hair extensions in India.
  • Remy Indian hair: Remy Indian hair is obtained from the hair of multiple donors. While it may have undergone some processing, the hair strands are still predominantly aligned in a uniform manner. This ensures a high level of quality and consistency in the hair extensions.
  • Non-remy Indian hair: Non-remy Indian hair is also sourced from multiple donors, but it possesses inferior quality compared to Remy hair. This type of hair is often collected from salon floors, public bathroom floors, or other sources where the hair strands are not meticulously arranged. Non-Remy hair extensions are typically available at a lower price point.

It’s important that each type of hair has its own unique characteristics, which directly impacts its price in the Indian market. The hair extensions are priced accordingly, with virgin hair extensions being the most expensive due to their superior quality and purity.


Due to the hot and dry climate prevalent throughout the year in India, hair extensions from this region possess notable attributes that contribute to their popularity:

  • Strong and shiny: The Indian population, particularly women, typically do not excessively style or manipulate their hair on a regular basis. They often rely on natural shampoos or traditional remedies such as herbal extracts or leaves for hair care. As a result, Indian hair tends to be naturally strong and shiny. This quality significantly influences the price of hair extensions in India.
  • Natural black or brown: The constant exposure to sunlight in India’s hot climate can cause some Indian women’s hair to undergo a natural transition from black to brown. This variation in hair color adds to the uniqueness of Indian hair extensions.
  • Versatility: Indian hair extensions are available in a variety of styles, offering versatility to customers. Whether one desires straight, wavy, or curly hair extensions, the Indian market caters to diverse preferences.
Natural Indian hair is strong, shiny
Natural Indian hair is strong, shiny

These distinctive characteristics have solidified the position of Indian hair extensions in the global market. With their inherent qualities, the pricing of hair extensions in India has also evolved over the years to reflect the unique features and demand for these products.

Factors affecting Indian hair extensions price

If you’re curious about the reasons behind the relatively low prices of hair extensions in India, this section of the article is dedicated to exploring the factors that contribute to the affordable hair extensions price in India.

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Overview of Indian hair extensions price

How is the hair extensions price in India varied? Hair extensions prices in India can vary significantly, and they are influenced by the specific hairstyle you choose. Different hairstyles come with different price ranges in India.The hair extensions price in India varies based on the hairstyle chosen. Long-lasting and authentic Indian hair extensions tend to have higher prices, while temporary extensions with a shorter lifespan are typically more affordable. Below, each factors will be discussed in detail.


  • The production process of hair extensions in India involves meticulous attention to detail to ensure a satisfactory quality. Once the hair is obtained from temple authorities, skilled workers begin the processing journey. They carefully comb through the hair to remove any tangles or knots, resulting in smoother strands. The hair is then sorted and organized into different lengths, and bundles are created to facilitate easy handling.
  • To further enhance the hair’s texture and appearance, additional combing is performed to ensure optimal smoothness. Finally, the hair undergoes specialized chemical treatments, which may include processes such as washing, conditioning, and sanitizing. These steps contribute to the overall quality of the hair extensions produced in India.

However, it’s important to note that not all hair extensions in the Indian market maintain the same level of authenticity. In some instances, a few unscrupulous suppliers may mix genuine Indian human hair extensions with synthetic hair extensions derived from inferior sources. Despite the difference in quality, these mixed extensions are often sold at similar prices as genuine Indian hair extensions, making it challenging for customers to distinguish between the two solely based on hair extensions price in India.

Given that Indian hair extensions may not possess the same exceptional characteristics as some other types, suppliers often advise clients to exercise caution when it comes to styling techniques. Frequent curling, straightening, or excessive use of heat can compromise the quality and longevity of the hair, leading to breakage and damage over time. By following these recommendations and adopting proper hair care practices, customers can maximize the lifespan and durability of their Indian hair extensions.

Production cost and labour cost

  • India, the second most populous country globally, possesses a vast labor supply that plays a significant role in the hair industry. This thriving industry has created numerous job opportunities for many individuals who were previously unemployed. It is interesting to note that a significant majority of workers employed in hair factories in India are women. These hardworking individuals rely on their employment to earn a living, enabling them to support themselves and their families. As a result, they do not demand high salaries like their counterparts in Vietnamese or Chinese hair factories.
  • However, it is worth mentioning that the technical skills of workers in Indian hair factories are relatively limited, and the number of trained workers is comparatively small. Outdated machinery is still prevalent in many Indian hair factories, relying heavily on manual labor for the creation of hair products. Consequently, labor productivity in the industry is not as high as it could be. Despite these challenges, the hair extensions price in India remains incredibly competitive, making it difficult to find a country where hair prices are lower.

This advantage in hair extensions price in India can be attributed to the cost-effectiveness offered by the labor market. With a large labor force willing to work at reasonable wages, hair vendors can keep their production costs relatively low compared to other factories around the world. This allows them to offer hair extensions at competitive prices, benefiting customers in terms of affordability.

Business methods

The rapid advancement of the Internet has revolutionized the way businesses operate, giving rise to various methods and models. In contrast, traditional offline business methods often entail additional costs for hair suppliers. These costs include renting shopping centers, establishing dedicated hair stores, or securing space in hair salons to showcase and sell their hair extensions. When suppliers present their price list of different hair types in India, the provided prices already incorporate these overhead expenses.

  • Consequently, hair extensions price in India under the traditional offline business method can be higher compared to the prices offered through online channels. With the advent of e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Pinterest, Alibaba, and many others, customers have the convenience of searching and comparing prices for the same hair products. Notably, when browsing through these online platforms, one can often find hair extensions at more affordable prices compared to those found in physical shopping malls or distribution stores. This significant price difference can be attributed to the lower operational costs associated with online businesses, such as reduced overhead expenses and the absence of physical retail space expenses.
  • Moreover, another business method that contributes to the affordability of hair extensions price in India is wholesale trade. Following the production process, hair vendors have the option to sell their hair products directly to wholesalers. By bypassing intermediaries and third-party distributors, this wholesale trade approach allows for cost savings, which can be passed on to customers. As a result, customers can enjoy the advantage of lower prices, ultimately stretching their budget further when purchasing hair extensions.
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In conclusion, the Internet’s explosive development has introduced new and efficient business methods, impacting the pricing of hair extensions in India. Traditional offline businesses often incur higher costs, which are reflected in their pricing. In contrast, online platforms offer more competitive prices, providing customers with better affordability

Compare Indian hair extensions price and other countries’ hair prices (China and Vietnam)

When it comes to prestigious hair extensions countries, India, China, and Vietnam are widely recognized as leaders in the hair industry. Each country has its own unique advantages that contribute to their dominance in the market. To determine the best hair extensions vendors in the world, it is essential to compare the prices of hair extensions in India with those in China and Vietnam.

Indian hair extensions price

  • The hair extensions price in India is significantly lower compared to other countries, primarily due to several key factors. One of the main reasons is the cost advantage enjoyed by Indian hair vendors. Unlike suppliers in other countries, Indian vendors do not incur substantial expenses in renting shopping centers or small shops to sell hair extensions. This allows them to keep their operational costs low and pass on the savings to customers.
  • Another contributing factor to the low hair extensions price in India is the availability of a large workforce. In Indian hair factories, the majority of workers are women who are seeking employment opportunities to support their families. Due to the high demand for jobs, these workers are often willing to accept lower wages. The hair suppliers in India have capitalized on this by taking advantage of the workers’ situation and paying them lower salaries, which helps to further reduce the overall production costs.
  • Furthermore, the use of outdated machinery and the reliance on manual labor in Indian hair factories also contribute to the affordability of hair extensions in India. While other countries may have more advanced manufacturing processes and technologies, the labor-intensive methods employed in India allow for cost savings, which are ultimately reflected in the lower prices of hair extensions.

In terms of pricing, Indian hair vendors offer a range of options, including straight hair extensions, curly hair extensions, and wavy hair extensions. The prices vary for both wholesalers and retailers. Wholesalers, who typically place bulk orders, enjoy cheaper hair extensions prices in India due to the discounts they receive. On the other hand, retailers, who purchase smaller quantities, may face slightly higher prices.

Among the different types of hair extensions, curly hair extensions are generally the most expensive. These extensions can cost around 960 USD for a length of 30 inches. Indian hair extensions are highly sought after globally, with a significant export market, particularly in Europe. Each year, the hair extensions price in India enables hair vendors to generate substantial profits, amounting to hundreds of millions.

China hair extensions price

  • China, known as the world’s most populous country, has a significant advantage when it comes to labor supply. The abundant workforce ensures that Chinese hair factories never face a shortage of labor. Additionally, the hair industry in China benefits from advanced technology, which facilitates the processing of human hair extensions. This advancement leads to a reduction in production time and allows hair suppliers in China to optimize their operations and save on labor costs. Consequently, the hair extensions price in China tends to be higher compared to the price in India, even when the hair originates from the same source.
  • Another factor that contributes to the higher hair extensions price in China is the sourcing strategy adopted by many Chinese hair factories. Instead of solely relying on domestic sources, a significant portion of Chinese hair extensions are imported from developing countries. For example, China imports hair products from hair providers in countries like India and Cambodia. These hair products are often of higher quality than the average Chinese hair, as they come from well-established business partners. 

To cater to the demand for premium human hair extensions, Chinese suppliers mix the imported hair with some lower quality strands, resulting in a product that commands a higher price. This approach ensures that Chinese human hair extensions maintain their desirable appearance and quality, which justifies their higher price compared to hair extensions in India.

Vietnam hair extensions price

  • Among the three nations, Vietnam stands out for its exceptionally high-quality hair extensions. The key to this superior quality lies in the source of the hair itself, which comes from Vietnamese women and is known as virgin hair. Local suppliers in Vietnam actively collect long, silky hair from villagers who have a deep-rooted tradition of caring for their hair. This stable and reliable supply of high-quality hair forms the foundation for Vietnamese hair suppliers to establish long-term collaborations within the local communities. As a result, the cost of importing and sourcing the hair is significantly reduced, leading to more affordable prices for the hair products.
  • It is important to note that although the hair extensions price in Vietnam is slightly higher than the hair extensions price in India, it is a reflection of the exceptional quality that Vietnamese hair offers. Quality and price are closely linked, and the slightly higher price of Vietnamese hair extensions is a testament to the unparalleled standards of the hair sourced from Vietnam. Customers can expect to receive hair extensions that boast impeccable quality, natural beauty, and exceptional durability, making it a worthwhile investment.
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Among the prestigious hair extensions countries, India hair extensions, Chinese hair extensions and Vietnamese hair extensions are considered as kings of the hair industry. However, every country has their own advantage to dominate the hair market. Do the comparison between hair extensions price in India to price of two countries to know clearly where the best hair extensions vendors in the world are.

How to buy Indian hair with a reasonable price?

If you are looking to establish a business relationship with suppliers offering affordable Indian hair extensions price, it is important to have a good understanding of the hair industry. For those who are new to the business, here are a few steps you can follow to ensure you get the best deals on hair extensions in India:

Finding believable hair vendors with good price

The affordable hair extensions price in India has facilitated the expansion of the country’s hair industry beyond its borders. Consumers are now opting for human hair extensions instead of investing in expensive hair-making kits and styling machines. However, in recent years, there has been a growing concern over the quality of Indian hair extensions due to a more intricate mixing process. Despite this, the hair extensions price in India has remained unchanged. The issue lies in the lack of transparency among hair extension manufacturers, as they refrain from acknowledging the use of mixed hair. Admitting to such practices would undoubtedly result in a loss of customer trust and confidence.

For newcomers in the promising hair industry, visually distinguishing between different types of hair can be challenging. They often prioritize seeking the cheapest hair extensions price in India to maximize their profits, paying less attention to the quality of the hair itself. Unfortunately, this approach leads to negative reviews and various unforeseen consequences.

Therefore, it is crucial to prioritize finding a reliable hair supplier in order to secure the best hair extensions price in India. By establishing a trustworthy partnership, you can ensure the quality and integrity of the hair extensions you offer to your customers.

Contacting hair vendors to confirm information about products

To proceed with purchasing hair in bulk at suitable hair extensions prices in India, the next step is to initiate contact with hair vendors to gather more information about their products. While you may have already obtained an idea of the hair extensions prices in India through distributor websites, it is advisable to confirm the current pricing directly with the suppliers, as prices can fluctuate on a daily basis.

Engaging in conversations with Indian hair suppliers serves multiple purposes. Firstly, it allows you to gain a comprehensive understanding of your potential partners and ensures that they are reliable suppliers who can offer the best hair extensions prices in India. Reputable Indian manufacturers are typically open to clear communication and are readily available to provide detailed information about their products, particularly regarding the origin of the hair. Their willingness to engage in transparent conversations signifies their trustworthiness. Conversely, if a supplier consistently refuses to communicate or provide necessary information, it raises concerns about the possibility of dealing with scammers or unreliable sources.

Making contract with hair vendors

The final and most crucial step in procuring hair extensions at the most affordable prices  is to enter into a formal agreement with the chosen business. Before proceeding with the commercial deal, it is of utmost importance to meticulously review the hair extensions price in India as specified in the contract. This step ensures that there are no misunderstandings or discrepancies in the pricing, safeguarding both parties’ interests.

  • Additionally, it is advisable to request the hair distributors to provide a detailed invoice for the order, which will serve as a reference for future transactions. By having a documented record of the hair extensions price in India for subsequent orders, you can easily refer back to it in case of any future dealings.
  • Once the invoice has been received and verified, the next step is to make the required deposit.  After receiving the deposit, the manufacturer will proceed with shipping the ordered commodities. Before finalizing the shipping process, it is recommended to get in touch with the shipping agent to obtain information about the expected delivery time.

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