Remy Indian hair extensions vs those from China and Vietnam

Remy Indian hair extensions vs those from China and Vietnam

Fortunately, with the help of hair extensions which have been sold all over the world you now can style your hair in many different ways with the least commitment to the damaging methods and sufferings on your natural hair. And if you are looking for a type of hair extensions that can help you achieve gorgeous hair with high quality and a natural look then using real human hair is definitely a good idea in comparison with synthetic hair. However, did you know that there are actually more than one type of real human hair used as extensions? Namely, they are virgin, remy and non-remy hair. And the most expensive one is virgin hair whose price goes with the highest quality. Still hesitating because of limited budget? Then remy hair is the next great option you should consider since it is more affordable in comparison with virgin hair. But where the remy hair extensions originated from can provide you the best quality? Just let this post enlighten you with a detailed comparison of remy Indian hair extensions-as the benchmark, and those of China and Vietnam

About remy Indian hair extensions-a benchmark

In the initial section before jumping to the comparison, we will begin by presenting a comprehensive definition of remy hair extensions sourced from India, which will be divided into two main aspects. Firstly, we will explain what remy hair extensions are, and secondly, we will outline the key characteristics specific to remy Indian hair extensions. By doing so, our aim is to provide customers with a clear understanding of remy Indian hair extensions which will be the benchmark, enabling them to grasp the content more effectively when we later compare these extensions to products originating from China and Vietnam.


What is remy Indian hair extensions? Remy Indian hair is hair that is collected from salons, households, etc from India. In general, remy hair, whether sourced from India or other countries, can be categorized into two types. 

  • The first type: refers to hair that has not undergone any chemical treatment. In this case, the main distinction between remy hair and virgin hair is that virgin hair is directly obtained from a specific hair donor, while remy hair is collected from multiple donors and then bundled together.
  • The second type: is hair that has undergone chemical treatments. It’s important to note that the quality of this type of hair cannot be compared to the untreated remy hair mentioned earlier. However, reputable suppliers strive to select remy hair with minimal damage to manufacture and offer to customers.


When it comes to the realm of Indian hair extensions, it is worth mentioning that numerous suppliers in India cater to both remy and non-remy options. However, for customers seeking the premium quality and desirable characteristics associated with remy Indian hair extensions, it is essential to understand the two primary types available in the market.

Temple hair
Temple hair
  • Temple hair, which holds a significant cultural and religious significance in India. Temple hair refers to the hair that is directly cut from individuals who practice Hinduism. These individuals voluntarily shave their heads as a symbol of honor and gratitude when making wishes or offerings to their deities. Consequently, this temple hair holds a unique spiritual and cultural significance. Due to its origin from multiple donors, temple hair is then carefully collected, sorted, and processed to create remy Indian hair extensions.
  • Other sources of remy Indian hair extensions include various salons, households, and similar sources. This hair is collected from individuals who willingly sell or donate their hair. While not possessing the same religious context as temple hair, this hair still retains the remy characteristics, ensuring its quality and desirability in the market.

Characteristics of remy Indian hair extensions

What are characteristics of remy Indian hair extensions? Characteristics of remy Indian hair is known for its natural characteristics as Indian hair, which include being thin, having a curvy texture, and being prone to shedding and tangling. It is important to note that both temple hair and hair collected from other sources undergo meticulous sorting and processing to ensure they meet the standards of remy Indian hair extensions. These processes help maintain the natural attributes of the hair. 

When considering their natural attributes, remy Indian hair extensions can be regarded as the lower quality option, which goes with the more affordable price, compared to other hair products available on the market, especially when compared to high-quality offerings such as Vietnamese hair products.

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Remy Indian hair is thin, curly and prone to be dry
Remy Indian hair is thin, curly and prone to be dry

Comparisons of remy Indian hair extensions with other remy hair

In the following section, we will provide a comparative analysis of remy hair extensions sourced from India in relation to remy hair extensions offered by Chinese and Vietnamese suppliers. Our aim is to examine both the price and quality aspects of these hair extensions. By presenting this information, we hope to offer customers seeking the finest hair products a comprehensive overview of the remy hair market, enabling them to make an informed decision before finalizing their purchase.

Remy Indian hair extensions vs remy Chinese hair extensions

  • In terms of quality, remy Chinese hair extensions and remy hair extensions sourced from India are comparable. Remy Chinese hair extensions are also sourced primarily from households and hair salons. However, due to significant economic development and improved living conditions in China, most Chinese women no longer have the need to sell their hair for financial reasons. Consequently, Chinese suppliers have turned to importing raw hair materials from other foreign countries, with a significant portion being sourced from India due to the convenient logistics network and lower prices available.
  • In relation to pricing, a similar situation applies, as the price of remy Chinese hair extensions is only slightly higher than that of India. Chinese hair suppliers incur additional costs such as import-related expenses and investments in advanced machinery to facilitate the manufacturing and processing of hair products. However, the incremental cost per product is relatively small, resulting in the prices of remy Indian hair extensions and remy Chinese hair extensions being essentially the same.

Remy Indian hair extensions vs remy Vietnamese hair extensions

  • When it comes to quality, remy Vietnamese hair extensions surpass remy hair extensions sourced from India. While remy Indian hair extensions are often considered lower in quality due to their unfavorable natural characteristics, remy Vietnamese hair extensions have gained international acclaim for their exceptional quality and attributes. Vietnamese hair is known for being thick, strong, and sustainable. Vietnamese hair suppliers are also renowned for their strict standards when it comes to selecting raw hair materials. They refuse to use hair that has been severely damaged by heat or chemicals in their products, ensuring a higher quality end result for their customers.
  • In terms of pricing, as remy Vietnamese hair extensions are regarded as the best in the hair market, they are priced higher compared to their Indian counterparts. However, this does not imply that the price of remy Vietnamese hair extensions is unaffordable or unreasonable. In fact, remy Vietnamese hair extensions have gained a strong reputation for their top-notch quality and reasonable pricing. Many customers who have purchased remy Vietnamese hair extensions have been pleasantly surprised by the quality of the products, the fair pricing, and the excellent customer service provided by Vietnamese hair suppliers.

How to find remy Indian hair extensions suppliers

For customers who prioritize affordable prices or may not have alternative options, we would like to offer some recommendations on finding reliable suppliers of remy Indian hair extensions for your business.

Finding through search engines

In today’s digital age, Google has emerged as an undeniable powerhouse when it comes to searching for information. With the Internet’s widespread availability, accessing information has become incredibly convenient for people from all walks of life. Hair consumers, too, can effortlessly find remy Indian hair extensions suppliers online by simply entering relevant search terms into Google’s search bar. The search engine’s advanced algorithm promptly generates a multitude of search results tailored to the customers’ queries.

However, it is crucial to remind customers to prioritize clicking on websites that appear at the top of the search results or those highly recommended (excluding advertisements). These top-ranked websites often garner the most traffic, indicating that they have been frequently visited and trusted by customers like themselves. Furthermore, Google’s algorithm analyzes these websites to be reliable and trustworthy, making them even more worthy of consideration.

It’s worth noting that besides Google, customers can also explore alternative search engines based on their preferences, such as Bing or Yahoo. These search engines provide similar functionalities and may yield different sets of search results, allowing customers to broaden their scope when looking for remy Indian hair extensions suppliers.

Finding through social media

Almost every remy hair extensions supplier maintains an official presence on social media platforms to engage with customers and showcase the quality and pricing of their products. Customers can find these supplier accounts by searching directly on search engines, as mentioned earlier, or alternatively, they can explore social media sites as an alternative option.

However, it is important for customers to consider the most popular social media platform in the supplier’s country when searching for hair suppliers on social media. For example, WhatsApp is the most widely used social media platform in India, while Facebook holds prominence in Vietnam. Being aware of this information in advance can save customers significant time in finding the specific remy hair extensions supplier they are looking for.

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One significant advantage of this method, compared to using search engines, is that customers can directly contact the supplier’s customer service staff. This direct communication allows customers to gather all the necessary information before making a purchasing decision. The attitudes and responsiveness of the staff can also serve as valuable criteria for selecting a long-term business partner.

Finding through e-commerce sites

In the current digital era, e-commerce sites have gained immense popularity, and hair suppliers are actively embracing this trend by establishing numerous official accounts worldwide. With a plethora of options available, customers should be vigilant and consider certain key signs to ensure they choose the best supplier for their needs.

The first sign: to consider is the ratings and comments provided by previous customers. These reviews serve as a valuable and reliable source of information, offering an overall perspective on the price and quality of the products. By carefully analyzing the ratings and comments, customers can gain insights into the supplier’s reputation and determine whether they meet their expectations. If the majority of ratings and comments are negative, it is a clear warning sign that the supplier is not worth further consideration.

The second sign:  to watch out for is how the supplier presents their product portfolio on e-commerce sites. Customers should pay attention to the clarity and comprehensiveness of the product descriptions. If the descriptions are confusing, lack important details, or fail to provide clear information about pricing and contact addresses, it raises concerns about the supplier’s professionalism and reliability. In such cases, it is advisable for customers to turn away from that particular remy Indian hair extensions supplier and explore other options.

Finding through trading networks

Lastly, customers can explore another effective method to find reliable remy Indian hair extensions suppliers, which involves tapping into their own trading network. This trading network encompasses business partners, colleagues, or contacts who possess valuable industry experience and have access to general information about remy Indian hair extensions.

This approach is particularly advantageous for individuals who have been actively involved in the market for a significant period, as they have had the opportunity to cultivate and nurture their own trading relationships. Through their network, they can seek recommendations and referrals from trusted sources who have firsthand experience with remy the suppliers. These recommendations carry substantial weight as they come from individuals who have established business connections and have gained insights into the industry.

Additionally, customers who have friends or relatives working in India can leverage this method to their advantage. However, it is preferable that these friends or relatives also have a background in the Indian hair industry, as their recommendations will be more reliable and accurate. Their insider knowledge and familiarity with the industry can guide customers in selecting the most suitable remy Indian hair extensions supplier.

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