Vietnamese Hair Vendors provides what types of hair?

The Vietnamese Hair Vendors offers a diverse range of high-quality hair extensions for customers to choose from, including Straight, Curly, Wavy, clip-in hair extensions (full-head set, double weft), i-tip, u-tip, v-tip, flat-tip, tape hair extensions, closure, and frontal,…

Vietnamese Hair Vendors provides what types of hair?

Vietnamese Hair Vendors provides Bulk Hair

Bulk hair refers to strands gathered at the crown and secured with elastic bands, making it a preferred option for clients who enjoy crafting their own hair extensions. Hair factories also acquire bulk hair to manufacture extensions for customers. Following meticulous processes such as washing, sorting, arranging, and testing, the bulk hair is carefully produced.

There are four primary types of bulk hair products: single bulk, donor hair bulk, double bulk, and super double bulk.

Single Drawn Bulk Hair

Single Drawn Bulk Hair undergoes a meticulous process to achieve a uniform length and natural appearance. The procedure involves cutting the top of the hair bundle, followed by the use of a hackling comb to align the roots. Unlike other methods, the end part of the hair is not trimmed, preserving its natural state. This results in a unique characteristic where approximately 40% to 50% of the hair maintains the same length.

To illustrate, let’s consider a scenario where you order single drawn bulk hair with a length of 14 inches. In this case, about 40% to 50% of the hair in the bundle will be precisely 14 inches long. The remaining 50% to 60% of the hair will consist of a blend of various lengths, including but not limited to 8 inches, 10 inches, and 12 inches. This intentional mix adds a layer of natural variation, contributing to a more authentic and dynamic overall look when the hair is used for extensions or other applications. The careful curation of lengths ensures a versatile and realistic result for individuals seeking a natural appearance in their hair extensions.

Vietnamese Hair Vendors provides what types of hair?
Vietnamese Hair Vendors provides what types of hair?

Double Drawn Bulk Hair

Double Drawn Bulk Hair stands out for its enhanced thickness and reduced presence of shorter strands. This characteristic contributes to a fuller appearance at the ends of the hair. Unlike single drawn bulk hair, double drawn bulk hair undergoes a more meticulous selection process, resulting in a higher percentage of strands with the same length.

Typically, approximately 60-80% of the hair strands in double drawn bulk hair maintain an identical length. For instance, if you were to order double bulk hair with a length of 14 inches, a significant majority—ranging from 60% to 80%—will precisely measure 14 inches. This meticulous selection process aims to create a more uniform and voluminous look, ensuring that the majority of the hair appears consistent in length.

The remaining 20% to 40% of the hair bundle will consist of a mix of shorter lengths, such as 8 inches, 10 inches, or 12 inches. This intentional blend adds a subtle layer of natural variation, preventing a too-perfect appearance and providing a more realistic and dynamic result. The thicker ends of the double drawn bulk hair contribute to a luxurious and full-bodied look when used for extensions or other hairstyling purposes. The careful selection and arrangement of lengths in double drawn bulk hair cater to individuals seeking a polished and voluminous outcome.

Super Double Drawn Bulk Hair

Super Double Drawn Bulk Hair represents the pinnacle of precision and thickness among the three aforementioned hair types. Characterized by an exceptionally low presence of shorter strands, this hair type boasts an impressively thick end. The result is a seamless, consistent appearance that gives the impression that all strands are of the same length.

In the case of super double drawn bulk hair, an extraordinary 80-90% of the hair strands share an identical length. To illustrate, when you purchase 14 inches of super double drawn bulk hair extensions, an overwhelming majority-ranging from 80% to 90% – will precisely measure 14 inches. This meticulous curation ensures a luxurious thickness from the roots to the tips, creating a voluminous and polished look.

The deliberate selection of strands with minimal variations in length distinguishes super double drawn bulk hair from other types. This meticulous process results in an exceptionally cohesive and dense appearance, making it a preferred choice for those who desire a uniform and full-bodied hairstyle. The thick and voluminous ends contribute to a glamorous and high-quality finish, ideal for achieving a sophisticated look with hair extensions or other styling applications. Super double drawn bulk hair is the epitome of precision and thickness, providing a flawless and impressive result for individuals seeking an immaculate and lush appearance in their hairstyles.

Virgin Hair

What is Virgin Hair? Virgin Hair, also known as Donor Hair Bulk, is sourced directly from a single donor, making it a premium and unique hair type. This type of hair boasts a neutral thickness, providing versatility in styling and coloring. The neutrality of the thickness allows for easy and effective bleaching, making it possible to achieve the lightest colors such as #60 and #6.1.3.

Virgin Bulk Hair is often referred to by the alternative name “Virgin Hair,” emphasizing its untouched and natural state. One distinctive feature of Virgin Bulk Hair is its extended hair ratio, which is comparable to double bulk hair. This means that a significant portion of the hair strands maintains a consistent length, contributing to a fuller and more uniform appearance.

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Being sourced from a single donor ensures a remarkable level of quality and consistency in Virgin Hair. The hair is in its virgin state, meaning it has not undergone any chemical processes or treatments, making it a preferred choice for those seeking the most natural and authentic look. The extended hair ratio, combined with the neutral thickness, enhances the overall versatility and appeal of Virgin Bulk Hair, making it suitable for various styling preferences and color transformations.

In summary, Virgin Hair, or Donor Hair Bulk, is a premium and high-quality option directly sourced from a single donor. Its neutral thickness, ease of bleaching, and extended hair ratio set it apart, providing users with the opportunity to achieve a wide range of styles and colors while maintaining a natural and luxurious appearance.

Vietnamese Hair Vendors provides what types of hair?
Vietnamese Hair Vendors provides what types of hair?

Vietnamese Hair Vendors provides Remy hair – Premium Quality

Remy hair stands out as a pinnacle of premium quality in the realm of human hair, garnering popularity for its exceptional attributes and reasonable pricing. Unlike virgin human hair, Remy hair undergoes a distinct collection and processing method, setting it apart in terms of versatility and durability.

What distinguishes Remy hair is its meticulous gathering process from multiple donors. While not in its virgin state, Remy hair retains a high standard of quality. The key to Remy hair’s excellence lies in the preservation of cuticles during the collection process. The cuticles are left intact and meticulously aligned from the cuticle to the root. This preservation ensures a natural appearance and significantly minimizes issues such as tangling and shedding that might arise if the cuticles were removed.

The intact cuticles contribute to the flexibility of Remy hair, setting it apart from synthetic alternatives. Remy hair can withstand heat, granting users the freedom to dye, straighten, or flat iron it without compromising its integrity. This versatility makes Remy hair a preferred choice for individuals seeking a personalized and dynamic styling experience.

Remy hair finds its prime application in the creation of high-quality lace front wigs, superior wigs, and hair extensions. The commitment to preserving the cuticles and ensuring alignment from cuticle to root not only enhances the natural look of Remy hair but also makes it an ideal option for those who demand durability, manageability, and the ability to customize their hairstyles.

In essence, Remy hair embodies the fusion of quality and affordability, making it a sought-after choice for those who prioritize the longevity and natural appearance of their hair extensions, lace front wigs, and high-quality wigs. Its ability to withstand styling procedures adds an extra layer of convenience and customization for users seeking a premium human hair experience.

Raw hair – One Donor Hair Luxury Quality

Raw hair stands as the epitome of luxury in the realm of human hair, embodying unparalleled quality due to its unique collection and processing method. Unlike other types, raw hair remains untouched by mechanical processing or chemical treatments after being sourced from donors, preserving its natural state. This 100% human hair is meticulously collected, washed, conditioned, and then presented to consumers in various forms such as tape, tips, clip-ins, wefts, and more.

What sets raw hair apart is its authenticity and individuality. Each bundle of raw hair is sourced directly from a single donor, making it a truly unique and one-of-a-kind product. This ensures that no two bundles of raw hair are identical, contributing to the exclusivity and luxury of the hair.

Raw hair, similar to natural hair, possesses remarkable versatility. It can be dyed, straightened, and styled to meet individual preferences. This adaptability makes raw hair a prime choice for those seeking a personalized and dynamic hair experience.

In terms of texture, raw hair surpasses even virgin hair. While virgin hair is known for its pristine condition, raw hair tends to be more coarse in texture. This unique characteristic adds a touch of natural authenticity, making raw hair an appealing choice for individuals who appreciate a slightly more textured look.

The coarse texture, combined with the individuality of each bundle, has propelled raw hair to become a preferred option for many discerning individuals. It provides a luxurious and distinctive appearance that sets it apart from other types of human hair. Whether used for extensions, weaves, or other applications, raw hair offers a level of quality and uniqueness that has solidified its place as a symbol of luxury in the world of hair products.

Vietnamese Hair Vendors provides Lace Frontal

Vietnamese Hair Vendors provides what types of hair?
Vietnamese Hair Vendors provides what types of hair?

A lace frontal is a pivotal component in the realm of hair extensions, wigs, and hairpieces, renowned for its versatility and realistic appearance. Unlike traditional closures, a lace frontal is characterized by a strip of material that extends from one ear to the other, covering the entire front hairline. This strip typically spans around 13 inches in width and extends approximately 5 inches backward. While lace frontals are often sewn onto bundles to create a complete set, they can also be employed to craft a full wig for a comprehensive and seamless look.

The defining feature of a lace frontal lies in its ability to allow for versatile styling. The frontal piece provides a canvas for creating various parting styles, allowing wearers to part their hair in any desired direction. This flexibility is made possible by the material used in lace frontals, which creates the illusion of a natural scalp running along the entire length of the hairline.

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When a lace frontal is properly applied, it seamlessly blends with the wearer’s natural hairline, creating a realistic and undetectable appearance. The material’s fine lace mimics the appearance of the scalp, ensuring that the hair looks natural regardless of how it is parted. This realism makes lace frontals an ideal choice for individuals who appreciate the freedom to experiment with different hairstyles while maintaining a natural aesthetic.

Additionally, lace frontals offer the advantage of a broader and more customizable parting space compared to closures. This feature allows for more intricate and diverse styling options, providing wearers with the opportunity to express their individuality and creativity. Whether used for a complete wig or integrated into hair extensions, lace frontals stand as a versatile and sophisticated choice in the world of hair enhancement, combining functionality with a seamlessly natural finish.

Lace Closure

Lace closures represent a sophisticated and widely utilized component in the realm of hair extensions and wigs. While sharing a visual resemblance with frontals, lace closures distinguish themselves by offering fewer styling options. The closure typically comes in a compact 4×4-inch patch strategically placed at the central front area of the hairpiece.

In contrast to frontals that often extend as a strip of scalp-like material from ear to ear, lace closures are more concentrated and focus on a specific portion of the hairline. This design choice allows for a seamless integration into the overall hairstyle while offering a natural appearance at the front of the head.

The 4×4-inch patch serves as a versatile canvas for styling, enabling wearers to part their hair in different ways while maintaining a realistic and undetectable finish. Lace closures are meticulously crafted with a delicate lace material that mimics the appearance of the scalp, creating an illusion of natural hair growth at the parting area.

Due to their more localized placement, lace closures are known for their ability to provide a polished and finished look without the need for an extensive application process. They are a popular choice for individuals seeking a balance between a natural appearance and simplified styling options.

Lace closures offer flexibility in terms of styling, allowing wearers to experiment with various parting styles and hairdos while maintaining a natural and cohesive finish. This makes them a preferred choice for those who prioritize convenience and a seamless integration of hair extensions or wigs into their overall look. In essence, lace closures strike a harmonious balance between aesthetics and practicality, contributing to their widespread popularity in the world of hair enhancement.

Nice Hair Vietnam – A reliable Vietnammese Hair Vendors

Nice Hair Vietnam – A reliable Vietnammese Hair Vendors

Nice Hair Vietnam proudly serves as a leading manufacturer and distributor of premium hair extensions, based in Vietnam. Boasting an impressive track record that spans over two decades in the hair industry, we have solidified our standing as one of the foremost human hair factories in Vietnam. Our dedication revolves around meeting the global demand for a diverse range of Vietnamese hair extensions, and we have successfully established a robust presence in international markets, including the US, Europe, and various African countries.

At Nice Hair Vietnam, we unwaveringly uphold our commitment to delivering top-notch, high-quality hair extensions at competitive prices. Drawing from years of experience in exporting and catering to clients worldwide, we have emerged as a trusted supplier in the global hair industry. Our primary focus on quality, coupled with an unyielding dedication to affordability, ensures that our customers not only receive products that meet their expectations but also surpass them. Immerse yourself in the excellence of Vietnamese hair extensions with Nice Hair Vietnam, where our decades-long expertise is dedicated to enhancing your hair journey.

For additional information or inquiries, do not hesitate to reach out to us:

Embrace the exceptional quality of Nice Hair Vietnam, where each strand of hair and every customer is highly valued. Your satisfaction remains our top priority – happy shopping!

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