Virgin clip- in hair extensions: in different parts of the world

Virgin clip- in hair extensions: in different parts of the world

Have you ever wondered about the origins of virgin hair extensions and the distinctions between clip-in extensions and other types? In this post, we will delve into the production process of virgin hair clip-in extensions and provide a comprehensive comparison among various virgin clip-in hair extensions in some countries.

Overview of virgin clip-in hair extensions

Virgin clip-in hair extensions
Virgin clip-in hair extensions


What are virgin clip- in hair extensions? Virgin clip-in hair extensions is virgin human hair strands that are horizontally woven together. These extensions are crafted from 100% real human hair, sourced from individual donors, and sold in bundles. Each bundle is carefully collected from a single donor, ensuring consistency in quality and texture.

The unique feature of clip-in hair extensions lies in the addition of clips attached to the wefts. These clips allow for easy application and adjustment on the user’s scalp, seamlessly blending with their natural hair. This design sets clip-in extensions apart from other types, such as virgin human hair extensions tape-in or other attachment methods.

How are virgin clip- in hair extensions made?

The hair used for virgin clip-in hair extensions is sourced from various origins, including native women within the region or imported from other countries. These extensions are defined by their origin from a single donor, remaining unaltered and undamaged. Virgin hair clip-in extensions undergo strict criteria, ensuring they have never undergone chemical treatments, bleaching, coloring, or dyeing processes. They maintain their natural state, similar to human hair at birth.

The market for virgin hair extensions is thriving, particularly in Asia. Asian hair factories have access to abundant sources of hair. Indian hair, for example, is obtained from waste hair found in public places and temple offerings. Vietnamese hair is sourced from individuals residing in rural and mountainous areas. Chinese hair is collected from native women and may also be imported from countries like India and Cambodia. Once collected, the hair is meticulously washed, sorted, and separated into small quantities. These individual strands are then carefully woven together in a horizontal line, with clips securely attached.

Types of virgin clip- in hair extensions

While virgin hair clip-in extensions fall under the category of hair products, it’s important to note that there are various types available. Let’s explore an overview of the typical virgin hair clip-in extension types:

Virgin raw clip in hair extensions

Raw virgin hair refers to hair that is collected and undergoes minimal processing before being exported. When it comes to virgin raw clip-in hair extensions, these are genuine human hair extensions sourced exclusively from a single donor. The hair is lightly washed to remove any dirt or impurities, ensuring its cleanliness, and then carefully separated into bundles for sale.

Hair salons often utilize virgin hair clip-in extensions as they import these products and customize them according to the client’s preferences. This customization may involve dyeing or bleaching the hair to achieve the desired color or shade requested by the client.

Virgin processed clip in hair extensions

  • Once washed, virgin hair clip-in extensions offer a wide range of design options. There are variations in the amount of hair, the number of clip-in pieces, and even the shape of the extensions. The diversity of options allows individuals to choose the perfect virgin hair clip-in extensions to suit their specific needs.
  • Furthermore, after undergoing processing, the categories of virgin hair clip-in extensions expand to include various specialized items. For instance, there are clip-in extensions specifically designed to mimic the look of dreadlocks, providing a unique and bold style option for those interested.

If you desire to add thickness to specific areas of your hair, you can opt for virgin hair clip-in extensions with fewer strands, which are suitable for targeting smaller sections. On the other hand, if you prefer a more comprehensive coverage, there are half-scalp type clip-in extensions available.

The versatility and variety of this hair product type  ensure that there is a suitable option for every individual’s desired look and style. Whether you prefer thicker sections or specialized styles like dreadlocks, there are multiple choices available to meet your specific preferences.


Generally, this type of hair extensions can typically last anywhere from 3 months to a year with proper care and maintenance. However, when it comes to virgin clip-in hair extensions, their longevity surpasses that of other types such as remy hair or synthetic hair. This is due to the higher quality of the hair strands used in virgin extensions.

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With careful preservation and regular maintenance, virgin clip-in hair extensions can be kept for over a year, providing an extended period of use and value for your investment. It is important to note that the durability of these extensions also depends on factors such as the frequency of use and the specific type of virgin clip-in hair. The more extensively the hair has been processed, the shorter its lifespan may be.

Pros and cons of  virgin clip- in hair extensions

When considering virgin clip-in hair extensions, it is important to weigh the pros and cons. This section will shed light on the strengths and weaknesses of virgin hair clip-in extensions, enabling you to determine their relevance for you


  • Convenient design: One of the significant advantages of virgin hair clip-in extensions lies in their convenient design. As mentioned earlier, these extensions are equipped with clip pieces that securely attach to the user’s scalp. Unlike other hair extension types such as u-tip or i-tip human hair extensions, there is no need for additional tools or heat application to install virgin hair clip-in extensions. This makes them incredibly user-friendly and easy to apply, even for beginners.
  • Long duration of use: Virgin hair clip-in extensions are renowned for their exceptional quality, making them highly durable and long-lasting. These extensions maintain their excellent condition over an extended period, allowing you to enjoy their benefits for a considerable duration. While the exact timeframe can vary depending on factors like maintenance and usage, with proper care, virgin hair clip-in extensions can often be used for months or even years, providing great value for your investment.
  • Easy availability and care: Another advantage of virgin hair clip-in extensions is their wide availability. They are commonly found both online and in physical hair stores, making it convenient for individuals to access and purchase them. Additionally, these extensions are relatively easy to care for. Regular cleansing and conditioning, along with gentle handling and proper storage, can help maintain the quality and longevity of virgin hair clip-in extensions.


  • Higher cost: One of the drawbacks of virgin hair clip-in extensions is their relatively higher cost compared to other hair extension types. The exceptional quality and authenticity of virgin hair contribute to their higher price tag. However, it is important to note that the higher cost is reflective of the superior quality and longevity these extensions offer. While they may require a larger upfront investment, the extended duration of use and overall satisfaction they provide make them a worthwhile choice for many.
  • Potential visibility issues: Improper application of virgin hair clip-in extensions can result in visibility issues. If not blended seamlessly with your natural hair or properly positioned against the scalp, the extensions may become visible. This is particularly relevant for beginners or individuals who are new to using clip-in extensions. However, with practice and following tutorial videos or professional guidance, this issue can be easily overcome, ensuring a natural and seamless look.

How to use properly?

In addition to tutorial videos, it is helpful to have a brief guide on how to apply virgin clip-in hair extensions. Here are some steps to consider.

How to apply?

  • Step 1: Begin by making a horizontal part across your scalp, approximately 2 inches from the nape of your neck, using a comb. Secure the upper part of your hair firmly, either by clipping it or tying it up.
  • Step 2: Take the virgin clip-in hair extensions and position them near the roots of your natural hair strands. Ensure that the clips are aligned properly and securely attach the extensions by snapping the clips shut.
  • Step 3: Untie or unclip the upper section of your hair that was secured earlier and let it fall down. Blend this section with the strands of the clip-in hair extensions to create a seamless look. You can use styling tools such as a straightener or curling iron to help both your natural hair and the virgin clip-in extensions blend together and stay aligned.

How to maintain?

  • Choose the right brush: When untangling your hair, start by gently using your fingers to remove any knots. Invest in a wet brush, which is designed to be gentle on wet hair and helps keep your strands hydrated. Alternatively, opt for a wide-tooth comb to avoid causing breakage when combing through knots.
  • Use quality hair products: Opt for shampoos and conditioners that contain natural ingredients. After shampooing, deep condition your virgin clip-in hair extensions to keep them hydrated. Consider using moisturizing oils to nourish and protect your hair after washing.
  • Minimize heat styling: Excessive heat can damage the hair strands of your virgin clip-in extensions. Avoid using heat-styling tools regularly and opt for heat-free styling methods whenever possible. When using heat, apply a heat protectant spray and set the tools to a lower temperature to minimize damage. Additionally, use a UV-protection spray on sunny days to shield your hair from harmful sun rays.
  • Care for your hair while sleeping: Even during sleep, it’s important to care for your hair properly. Consider wearing a silk bonnet or using a silk pillowcase to minimize friction and keep your hair aligned and moisturized. If you choose not to wear a bonnet, you can create a loose braid to prevent tangling. However, as clip-in hair extensions can be easily removed, it is recommended to take them out before sleeping and store them in a clean and safe place.
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Popular styles of virgin clip- in hair extensions

Due to the desirable qualities of virgin hair, virgin clip-in hair extensions provide a diverse selection of styles to cater to various preferences. Here are some common classifications of this hair type, allowing you to choose your favorite item from the virgin clip- in hair extensions in several countries and parts of the world.


Curly hair extensions is one of the most popular style created with virgin clip-in hair extension
Curly hair extensions

One of the most popular choices in the hair market is the virgin curly clip-in hair extensions, including styles such as virgin human hair extensions wavy. These extensions provide a feminine and soft look that is highly sought after by users. For those looking to express their unique and cool characteristics, virgin hair with tight curls is a great option. Additionally, other curly styles of virgin clip-in hair extensions include coiled hair or zig-zag hair, offering a variety of choices to suit individual preferences.

The longevity of virgin curly clip-in hair extensions depends on several factors, including the frequency of maintenance, how often you wear them, and how regularly you use heat styling tools on your hair. With proper care and maintenance, these extensions can typically last anywhere from six months to a year or even longer. It’s important to follow a regular maintenance routine, including gentle washing, conditioning, and avoiding excessive heat


Straight hair extensions

If you have been following the hair industry, you might have noticed the rising popularity of bone straight hair. This hair trend features virgin hair that has been meticulously straightened, while retaining its original black color. When it comes to length, the virgin clip-in human hair extensions in 24 inches are particularly sought after for this style. This sleek and smooth hair type has gained significant popularity in Brazil and other African countries, as it exudes a sense of silkiness, elegance, and trendiness.

For those seeking a versatile option, layered hair is another category within the clip-in straight virgin hair extensions. Layered hair extensions complement almost all face shapes, providing a flattering and stylish look. The layers add dimension and movement to the hair, allowing for a more dynamic and eye-catching appearance.


Long hair extensions

Both curly and straight virgin clip-in hair extensions offer a wide range of lengths, spanning from 8 inches to 28 inches, giving you the flexibility to choose the perfect length that suits your desired style. When it comes to long hair, the advantages of virgin clip-in extensions become even more apparent. Longer lengths allow the hair to showcase its natural beauty, as the strands maintain their alignment and fullness from the roots to the ends.

However, it’s important to consider the weight of long virgin clip-in hair extensions. While they can provide a glamorous and voluminous look, the added length can make the extensions heavier and potentially uncomfortable if worn for extended periods. It’s advisable to give your scalp breaks and not wear the extensions continuously to ensure optimal comfort and hair health.

The adaptability of virgin long clip-in extensions is one of their most significant advantages. Long hairstyles are incredibly popular and offer a plethora of styling options. With virgin long clip-in hair extensions, you can indulge in endless possibilities, from flowing curls to sleek straight styles. Although styling long hair extensions may require more time and effort, the end result is truly worth it. The satisfaction of seeing your long, luxurious locks and being able to experiment with various hairstyles is an exciting and rewarding experience.


Ponytail hair extensions

If you’re a fan of the sporty and active look of a ponytail hairstyle, the versatility of virgin clip-in hair extensions can help you achieve your desired style effortlessly. Simply follow the provided guidance to attach the clip-in hair extension, ensuring that it seamlessly blends with your natural hair strands. It’s important to secure the extension firmly on your scalp before creating a ponytail to ensure that the extension remains hidden and undetectable.

A virgin ponytail clip-in hair extension offers you a timeless and refined style that can be worn practically anywhere. It’s considered the ideal hairstyle by many due to its simplicity and versatility, making it suitable for both office settings and social gatherings. There are several factors that contribute to the ponytail’s claim as the perfect hairstyle. It not only allows you to showcase your magnificent locks but also provides a clean and polished look that is effortlessly chic.


Blonde hair extenions

One of the remarkable advantages of virgin hair, unlike synthetic or fabric hair, is its ability to be dyed to any desired color and even bleached to achieve the stunning 613 blonde shade. This makes the blonde hair extensions style  the top choice for many users, as the strands maintain their natural color and provide a seamless blend. Additionally, there are other exciting hue options available, such as red, burgundy, ombre, and more, allowing you to experiment with different looks and styles.

In some cases, the color of your natural hair may not perfectly complement your skin tone, resulting in a noticeable contrast that affects your overall beauty appearance. This is where the versatility of hair extensions comes into play. By adding a virgin blonde clip-in hair extension, you can create a harmonious balance and enhance your overall look. The additional color and dimension brought by the blonde extension can add vibrancy and intrigue to your hairstyle, as it catches and reflects light in unique ways.

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Virgin clip- in hair extensions in different parts of the world

Are there any differences among the markets of  virgin clip- in hair extensions in different countries around the world? Which continent produces the highest quality clip in virgin hair? You may find the answers in this part.

In Asia

The market for this hair product can vary from country to country, and each region may have its own unique characteristics and offerings. Factors such as the availability of raw hair sources, manufacturing techniques, and consumer preferences can contribute to the differences among these markets


India, being the most populous country in the world, possesses a plentiful source of hair material for the production. The hair used in the clip-in extensions industry in India is sourced from various avenues, including waste hair collected from public places and hair donated by individuals in temples. This abundant supply of hair allows Indian hair factories to collect and process a substantial quantity of hair throughout the year, enabling them to produce a significant number of high-quality virgin clip-in hair extensions on a weekly basis.


Vietnamese virgin hair is renowned as the epitome of luxury in the global hair market. Sourced from condors residing in Vietnam’s rural and mountainous regions, this hair is known for its smoothness and strength. With a focus on maintaining positive living habits and limiting chemical treatments, Vietnamese women produce hair strands of exceptional quality. As a result, Vietnamese hair holds the top rank in terms of quality in the industry.


China, similar to India, boasts a large population and serves as a significant source of virgin hair extensions. The virgin clip- in hair extensions produced in China are made from a combination of native Chinese hair and hair material imported from neighboring countries such as India and Cambodia. While the quality of Chinese virgin hair is commendable, it is considered to be superior to Indian virgin hair but falls slightly short of the exceptional quality found in Vietnamese virgin hair extensions.

In Africa

Although the demand for virgin clip- in hair extensions in Africa is high, the production of these extensions within the continent is still underdeveloped. This is primarily due to the scarcity of hair sources, as many native women experience hair loss or struggle to grow their hair long. As a result, hair sellers in African countries often rely on importing virgin hair products from Asian hair factories.

When engaging with African clients, it is essential to uphold the promises made in your promotion of virgin clip- in hair extensions. Providing a well-organized and high-quality service delivery approach is crucial in keeping African customers satisfied. By ensuring consistency and delivering on your commitments, you can maintain strong relationships with African clients and meet their expectations when it comes to virgin clip- in hair extensions.

In Europe

The virgin clip- in hair extensions market in Europe, while not as developed as in some other regions like Africa, still maintains a stable demand. European salons often import virgin clip- in hair extensions and customize them by bleaching and dyeing them to match their clients’ desired colors. However, there are relatively few hair factories in Europe that produce clip in virgin hair extensions.

In order to effectively cater to European clients, it is important to be honest and transparent about any limitations or challenges that may prevent you from fulfilling an agreement. If such circumstances arise, it is crucial to apologize sincerely and provide a feasible solution or alternative. Furthermore, establishing open and respectful two-way communication with European clients is vital, as they value efficiency and seamless service. Treating them with politeness and care will help maintain their satisfaction and build strong, lasting relationships.

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